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A True Brick Cleghorn Terra Cotta Brickworks

Auchenglen by Ed Archer

Auchnotroch by Ed Archer

Bonnington by Ed Archer

Bonnington Coin Hoard by Ed Archer

Boreland by Ed Archer

Braxfield House by Ed Archer

Carmichael Old Tax Records

Carstairs by Ed Archer

Catalogue Finds

Clydesdale Bridges PhotoTour

Coins and the Lanark Area by Ed Archer

Covington Report by Tam Ward

Discovering Clydesdale’s Heritage Lesmahagow Presentation

Discovering Clydesdale’s Heritage

Excavations around Lanark by LADAS and Mills Society

Farming in Clydesale By Ed Archer and Paul Archibald

Farmsnicholas by Ed Archer

Field Walking Finds More

Heritage in the Clyde Valley By Ed Archer

John Tierney Historic Graves Presentation

Ladas Members’ Evening 2015

Lanark Airshow 1910 2019

Lanark Airshow 1910 shown 2011

Lesmahagow Archaeological Site Check by Ed Archer

Lesmahagow Priory by Ed Archer

Medeuro by Ed Archer

New Lanark Public Meeting

Presentation on Braehead and Surroundings

Presentation Syria

Proposed Wallace Heriritage Arts Studios

The Bath (Beau St) Hoard by Richard Abdy

The Clydesdale Inn A Short Illustrated History 1792 - 2012

The Clydesdale Project By Ed Archer 2017