Gallery of Queens





Jane Baxter from Kirkfieldbank School.




This is a photograph of Maria Rosa Minchella who was Lanimer Queen in 1907. She came from a prominent local Italian family. At the turn of the 20th century, many Italians came to Britain and open cafes/ice ......more



This is Elizabeth Bryce from Lanark Grammar School who was crowned Lanimer Queen in 1909 by Mrs D. Clark and Walter Crystal was Lord Cornet. Walter was a solicitor in Lanark.



This is a picture of Janet Baxter who was Lanimer Queen in 1911. This photograph was taken by Rogers & Co. She was from Kirkfieldbank and was crowned by Mrs Graham. The Lord Cornet was John Stewart who ......more





This is a Brown picture of Sadie Wilson - Lanimer Queen in 1920. She came from New Lanark School. She was crowned by Mrs P. McAuslin. The Cornet that year was William Tenant, Solicitor.


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