Gallery of Maps


This is a view of the area covered by the 1911 map but this map was released by the Ordnance Survey in 1940. Note for example new builds plus a sewage works. Reproduced courtesy of the Ordnance Survey.


This is a view taken from the 25" to the mile Ordnance Survey Map of Lesmahagow of the centre. Date 1911. Reproduced courtesy of the Ordnance Survey.


This map of 1940 shows how much things changed. Lesmahagow in 1940 had two cinemas. However it must be pointed out that there was no T.V. let alone computers. Reproduced courtesy of the Ordnance Survey.


This is a modern Ordnance Survey map showing the area around Ampherlaw House and Fordmouth . It is reproduced thanks to the National Library of Scotland . Comment by john watson: is Fordmouth mausoleum private...?


Gasworks, Westraw, 1858, Pettinain This is a detail of the first Ordnance Map which shows a Gas Works that was disused by 1858. It must have had a fairly short life. Next to Westraw are the Kennels, ......more


First Ordnance Survey Map 1858, Pettinain The first Ordnance Survey Map of 1858 of the Pettinain area shows various points of interest including Westraw Mains and the Primrose knowe is now called Currie ......more


Thomson`s map of 1832 has some additional information including pinpointing more accurately Eastshield and the Grange. Additional places include Shade near Westown. Map Courtesy of the National Library of Scotland



Sills Forrest Map 1819, Pettinain Forrest`s map of 1819 is quite useful as it shows the village of Pettinain as well as the farm of Bagmoors. It also shows the farm of East Sills for the first time ......more


Roy Sills 1750, Pettinain Roy`s map of Pettinain dates to about 1750. It shows the village clearly with the majority of dwellings stretching towards Bagmoors Farm. This does appear to be marked. What ......more


Blaeu Map 1654, Pettinain This is a Blaeu map of 1654 which shows Pettinain, which is described as Petynan. Nearby is the Grange - the grange is mentioned in the records of the Abbey of Dryburgh. These ......more


This is a map of the final journey of 156th Battery. After seven months rest and training in Palestine and Syria, they were sent to Belgium to Herzele for the final push.


This map which was drawn in the late 1850`s shows the County Buildings (Sheriff Court) with the prison behind. The prison was for male/female prisoners. My father in law found a button from Lanark Prison ......more


Roy`s Map of Leadhills 1752-1755 Roy`s Map is of great value as it reflects the amazing growth in demand for lead. Indeed not since the buildings of the great Abbeys and Cathedrals had there been such ......more


Ordnance Survey Map This is an Ordnance Survey Map of the 1950`s to show exactly where Ponfeigh Station was to the Douglas Water community.


Emslie Map 1919 and Emslie Map 1920 These are railway maps done by Emslie in the 1920`s. Curiously enough they do not show Douglas Colliery - big omission!

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