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This is a drawing done by a self educated weaver called Daniel Meikle, who in the early 19th century assembled a book of all sorts of items that interested him. This drawing is rather inaccurate compared ......more


Rainfall This table shows the average rainfall in Lanark between 1951-1961. Comment by test: test


Public Conveniences This shows just how important local conveniences were in 1961. Not to say that they are unimportant today.


Businesses The next table shows the type of businesses that had to abide by the factories act.


Refuse Tipped at Coup This is of environmental interest and shows the amount of refuse tipped at the local coup by Lanark Loch.


Royal Burgh of Lanark These are some interesting items that I have drawn from Dugald McDonald late Burgh Surveyor/Sanitary Inspector. Dugald is the father of the famous musician Sheena McDonald (Horse). The ......more


Housing in Lanark This is an interesting table showing the houses in Lanark including the new ones at Kildare in 1961.


This table is really interesting as it shows the types of shops in Lanark in the era before supermarkets.




Lanark Golf Club This is a copy of the Lanark Golf Club 100th Anniversary book. This was published in 1951. The Golf Course was founded on 4th October 1851. However the story of Lanark Golf Club begins ......more


Though Vere House was owned by Thomas Chalmers, day to day running of the tenanted property was left to the factor Mr Dunlop. It is interesting to note that putting a complete kitchen range in 1895 cost ......more


Sketch of Lanark Castle This is a copy of the original sketch of how Lanark Castle might have looked in the Middle Ages. This drawing was done by a very great friend Malcolm Gair who died last year. ......more


Invoice This item was found in the loft of Hyndford House where a number of invoices relating to James Jack were discovered during renovations. The majority of these relate to the year 1865. This was ......more


This is the front of the document passed by the British Parliament in 1833 for the erection of the Sheriff Court and the Prison. This all happened in the reign of William IV. The Sheriff Court was extended ......more


Land Transfer This is a copy of a land transfer involving Christopher Bannatyne and William Tod who were Burgesses of Lanark. This transaction took place on 24th September 1677 and was signed off by ......more

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