Gallery of Documents




Lanark Golf Club This is a copy of the Lanark Golf Club 100th Anniversary book. This was published in 1951. The Golf Course was founded on 4th October 1851. However the story of Lanark Golf Club begins ......more


Though Vere House was owned by Thomas Chalmers, day to day running of the tenanted property was left to the factor Mr Dunlop. It is interesting to note that putting a complete kitchen range in 1895 cost ......more


Sketch of Lanark Castle This is a copy of the original sketch of how Lanark Castle might have looked in the Middle Ages. This drawing was done by a very great friend Malcolm Gair who died last year. ......more


Invoice This item was found in the loft of Hyndford House where a number of invoices relating to James Jack were discovered during renovations. The majority of these relate to the year 1865. This was ......more


This is the front of the document passed by the British Parliament in 1833 for the erection of the Sheriff Court and the Prison. This all happened in the reign of William IV. The Sheriff Court was extended ......more


Land Transfer This is a copy of a land transfer involving Christopher Bannatyne and William Tod who were Burgesses of Lanark. This transaction took place on 24th September 1677 and was signed off by ......more


This is an inventory of the will of Alison Graham who was the wife of James Lithgow, father of William Lithgow. William got the bulk of his mother`s possessions but his sister Marion was not forgotten. ......more


Demolition of Vere House This is a copy of a newspaper article from the Lanark Gazette recording the demolition of Vere House prior to the construction of William Low`s supermarket, the predecessor ......more


This is the guide book of Lanark which was published by a firm called `The Borough` Pocket Guides. This particular example was published by J.D. Morrison printers and stationers.


J. D. Morrison This advert is interesting. J. D. Morrison operated out of Jolopai`s. It was to be shortly taken over by William Cox as a car showroom c. 1913.


John Lang Do not know anything about John Lang, Baker & Confectioner of the West Port. Anybody with any information?


A. Wilson, Manufactures Ladies Shirts Wilson`s seem to be ahead of their time in offering postal delivery. Interesting enough Lanark blouses were made in Lanark in those days.


Archibald & Company Archibald and Company were a major manufacturer of sweets. They had a big confectionary works in Wishaw. Archibald`s had a van at the Lanark Airshow in 1910 to sell their wares. ......more


Bonnington Electric Laundry Interesting to see this advert of the Bonnington Electric Laundry. Seems to be very busy.

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