Gallery of Documents


This is an inventory of the will of Alison Graham who was the wife of James Lithgow, father of William Lithgow. William got the bulk of his mother`s possessions but his sister Marion was not forgotten. ......more


Demolition of Vere House This is a copy of a newspaper article from the Lanark Gazette recording the demolition of Vere House prior to the construction of William Low`s supermarket, the predecessor ......more


Statue of William Wallace This is a nice view of the statue of William Wallace. This was sculpted by Robert Forrest from Carluke about 1820. The rather outlandish year is based on a 17th century painting ......more


This is the guide book of Lanark which was published by a firm called `The Borough` Pocket Guides. This particular example was published by J.D. Morrison printers and stationers.


J. D. Morrison This advert is interesting. J. D. Morrison operated out of Jolopai`s. It was to be shortly taken over by William Cox as a car showroom c. 1913.


John Lang Do not know anything about John Lang, Baker & Confectioner of the West Port. Anybody with any information?


A. Wilson, Manufactures Ladies Shirts Wilson`s seem to be ahead of their time in offering postal delivery. Interesting enough Lanark blouses were made in Lanark in those days.


Archibald & Company Archibald and Company were a major manufacturer of sweets. They had a big confectionary works in Wishaw. Archibald`s had a van at the Lanark Airshow in 1910 to sell their wares. ......more


Bonnington Electric Laundry Interesting to see this advert of the Bonnington Electric Laundry. Seems to be very busy.


John Tennant Nice picture of John Tennants store in the Wellgate. Does anybody know where this is?


Archibald Brown & Co - Photographers A good advert from Archibald Brown & Co the photographers in Bannatyne Street, Lanark. This firm was at the peak of its business at this time.


James Jack, Ironmongers This is an especially nice photo of the advert for James Jack the Ironmongers. When LADAS was working in the roof of Hyndford House, we found some of the old invoices connected ......more


Ross & Co, The Cross, and Bannatyne Street, Lanark In this advert we see the origin of Ross & Co who started out with selling bikes at the Cross and 15 Bannatyne Street, Lanark.


Victoria & Station Hotel Here are two hotels which later became the Royal Oak. This was an era when we actually had beds for tourists visiting Lanark. Apart from guest houses, there are no hotel beds ......more


Samuel Forrest, Family Butcher lanark Samuel Forrest was Provost of Lanark in 1910. He seems to have had a good butchery business considering he had shops in Wellgate and Bloomgate


Jacob Stirling & Co This is a nice view of an old style grocers. Growing up in Pontefract in the 1960`s, I remember this type of family grocers. The supermarkets unfortunately saw the demise of this type of shop.

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