Gallery of Artifacts


These are some additional bits of information on Castledykes. Horse Harness This disc came from the decoration on the horse harness. Similar example can be seen on the statue of Marcus Aurelius. Comment ......more



This information is about a dig that we did before a cafe was made, which is now the Broomgate cafe previously the Wallace Tea Rooms. Archaeological Notes NS84SE 88.00 881 437 An investigation of ......more


The slope up to Cox`s was of interest. In the upper levels, we found early 14th century pottery plus a piece of Islamic Glass. This was a really interesting discovery as such a find is unusual in our ......more


Finds We are examining chiefly bones from the dig. The bones were mainly lamb and beef. The Friars did not stint themselves. There are also oyster shells (fresh water). The Monks ate oysters on holy ......more




This is a photo of a Merk of James VI`s reign of the period that William Lithgow was growing up in Lanark. A Merk in Scotland was worth 1/- English outside Scotland. In Scotland the Merk was worth 13/4d ......more


Clay Pipes These are typical 17th century pipes of the sort that William Lithgow smoked. On his trip to Turkey, he was the first European to sample coffee. These clay pipes were found at Boghall Castle ......more


Jug Handle This is a glass handle from a jug. Apart from using them on a day today basis, they used such glass containers to put peoples ashes in.


Glass Counter This is a glass gaming piece of the Roman period for playing the Roman equivalent of draughts.


Glass This is some glass found during field walking. The piece of green glass is definitely Roman. The Romans used glass bottles, containers and windows.


This is a head of a piece of decorated military equipment. It shows the God Mars


Celtic Gods This sculpture shows three heads is called a tricepholos from the Greek meaning three heads. It was found near Garrion Bridge. It is probably contemporary with the Roman Occupation of Scotland. ......more


Plated Denarius This is one of two plated denari found at Castledykes. A plated denarius that has an iron core with silver plating. This was a way which was used to save money in paying the troops. This ......more


Silver Bell The original Silver Bell is the small bell in the centre of this arrangement. It does not date back to the reign of William the Lion. However it was raced for at the time William Lithgow ......more

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