Gallery of About

Welcome to our Gallery of 1000's of Postcards/Pictures and our newly established Videos of our lectures you can view at your leisure at this time of meeting restrictions. We have Images and descriptions of our found Artifacts, our display of a vast array of old Maps together with our collection of very old and new Books and many old Documents relating to Clydesdale.
The purpose of the Clydesdale Heritage Project has always been to encourage local schools, organisations and local people to take an active interest in their Heritage. Initially the project concentrated on getting people involved through a series of local road shows explaining what the project was about. One of our aims was for volunteers to visit schools and explain the project. We wished to get local children involved with activities such as creating local heritage trails.
Archaeology is a prominent part of what the Society does. Field walking is an activity that we are always looking to get involved in and have made many interesting discoveries from all periods of Clydesdale’s history.
As a Society we have a particular niche project in this area and that is recording and looking at old farm buildings. Already a substantial number of farms have been visited and photographed and Farms will be added soon to our Gallery.
Please feel free to add any personal comment of recollections on any image displayed when you click on it. Many of the comments have already been copied from our Facebook page of the same images.
We have always concentrated in training and these training events would include photography, studying old maps, researching archives, using records and putting information on the Internet, particulary on our associated Facebook page which has many thousands of Followers. You now now also follow us on our new Twitter account: