This is another picture from the Crossford Exhibition. It was taken of the taking down of a thatched roof of Holm Cottage, Holm Road, Crossford. The detail this photo shows is absolutely amazing. This cottage was probably built in the 18th century but the construction techniques are ones that go back into the Middle Ages.

Comment by Sandra Gunn:
This photograph was taken by me when my husband and I owned Holm Cottage. We removed the old corrugated tin roof and exposed the thatch beneath in 1990. The rig beam was a single elm tree trunk which had grown as hard as iron over the centuries it had supported the roof. Smaller tree trunchs formed the main roof structure and smaller branches then crossed these to support the thatch. We did cosider replacing the thatch but it proved too complex. and costly Holm Cottage is reputedly the oldest house in Crossford and like 6 there premises in the village was once a licensed house - probably trading to those using the original ford close by.