Gallery of Postcards


Lamington Tower This is a view of Lamington Tower or what is left of it. It s a late 16th century tower house.


Aerial view, Roberton This aerial photo shows the late 13th century motte at Roberton. The excavation took place as the farmer dug through it many years ago to create a potato clamp. Photo courtesy of Google


This is an interesting view of Clyde View, Carstairs Junction. The children are out in force and compared with the other view of the street, it has been tidied up a bit. The writer of the card refers ......more


This card is an unusual one in that it was done by Rogers and Co Photographers, Lanark. It shows the Manse and the Parish Church. The Parish Church was partially funded by the employees of the Caledonian ......more


The final one in this mini collection is the Carnwath Fancy Dress parade of 27/7/1907. I wonder if anybody knows why the date was changed?


The Parliamentary Wall There were disputes between Sir James Carmichael and the Burgesses of Lanark about the road up from Tullieford. The Carmichael`s tried to prevent the Citizens of Lanark from using ......more


This is the remains of part of the Laybrothers quarters. This was the first part of the priory to be excavated as the weather in winter 1978 was terrible and the dig could progress undercover. This part ......more


Lanimer Queen Elizabeth V. 1960 This is a picture of Elizabeth Frood who was Lanimer Queen in 1960. This was the time that the Lord Cornet was Tom Tennant. She was crowned by Bailie Mrs Janet Thom.



Artist impression of Castle - by Malcolm Gair This picture of the Castle was done by the late Malcolm Gair. The Castle of today can be seen to best effect from the air, so an aerial view is included ......more


Lanimer Queen and Lanimer Queen and Maids 1961 This is a card of 1961 of the Lanimer Queen and her maids of honour. The Queen was Janette Hall. She came from Lanark Grammar School and was crowned by ......more



This is a picture of Janet Baxter who was Lanimer Queen in 1911. This photograph was taken by Rogers & Co. She was from Kirkfieldbank and was crowned by Mrs Graham. The Lord Cornet was John Stewart who ......more


Medieval Windows These are a couple of pictures of Medieval windows at the back of Hay`s Travel Agents. These are very important as they were found in alterations up the stairs at the end of the 19th ......more


Medieval Silver Penny of Alexander III This is a picture of a Medieval Silver Penny of Alexander III. Alexander`s death in 1286 was to lead to the Wars of Independence with the Scottish Nobility scrambling ......more


St Kentigern`s, Lanark Here are a couple of pictures of St Kentigern`s, more will follow on Thursday. William Wallace would have visited both the chapel of St Nicholas, which the Archaeological Society ......more

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