Gallery of Pictures


Aerial View of Lanark Castle This view in 2001 shows the area around the Castle before it became a mini housing estate. It also shows the bowling green prior to the earth slips which occurred on the Castlebank side of the Castle.


This view of New Lanark shows the Mill buildings with a gap where Mill 4 stood next to the school. The school was quite innovative for its time with an emphasis on exploration and personal discovery. ......more


Aerial view of New Lanark. This picture shows some of the houses including the detached houses of David Dale and Robert Owen. The Mill buildings at the bottom of the photograph show the New Lanark Hotel plus the water cottages beneath.


Lanark Cotton Mills Done by R. Scott of New Lanark in the time of David Dale and Robert Owen show how New Lanark grew in Owen`s time. Circa 1790


Not everybody was happy with Robert Owens attitude to religion as can be seen by these notes from the life of Dr Chalmers. Robert Owen in his Rules and Regulations for the inhabitants of New Lanark in ......more


This chromolithograph illustrated a book about the Clyde. It dates to about 1860 by which time New Lanark was a major tourist venue. New Lanark and the Falls of Clyde was a place to visit from as far ......more


This is a rather Romantic and somewhat inaccurate picture done by the French Artist Pernod in 1827. This was done about the time that the Walker family took over the management of New Lanark and had moved ......more


Mill Machinery The last company involved in running the Mills was the Gourock Ropework Company. It ran the Mills up to the 1960`s. This picture shows some of the mill machinery of that era. After ......more


Robert Owen doing the Accounts at New Lanark Here is a picture showing Robert Owen doing the accounts at New Lanark. This is one of the figures that one will see in the old shop down at New Lanark. Robert ......more


Wages Ticket Before he left New Lanark, Robert Owen who hated the idea of using gold and silver to pay people designed a Labour Note. The Labour Note was presented to the worker who presented it at ......more


View of New Lanark c.1820. This is a view by Robert Winning c.1820 of New Lanark. It shows four Mills. On top of what is the hotel is the bell which was going to be taken by a group of Highlanders ......more


This is a picture of Robert Owen. He was first involved in the Mill business in Manchester. At the age of 20 he was in charge of a workforce of 500. He came up to New Lanark in 1798 and the following ......more


Courtesy of Jim Hamilton and relate to the old Brig at Douglas Water, (it has been done away with now). Many locals think that the Army`s offer of a Bailey Bridge might have been quicker and cheaper. ......more


Courtesy of Jim Hamilton


Boys Names This list of boys sent to learn about using water power in the Mills at New Lanark at Cranford in Derbyshire. The Cranford Mills was owned by Richard Arkwright who encouraged David Dale to set up the Mills at New Lanark.


Sandilands Viaduct This is a rather interesting view of a double headed train just after it has passed over the Sandilands Viaduct heading in the direction of Ponfeigh. I think this may come from the ......more

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