Gallery of Pictures


Lanark Loch This is a view of the quieter area of Lanark Loch with the swans, who have been around the Loch for over a century. This card was one of the Brown series and it was posted from Lanark on July 4th 1913.


Curling on Lanark Loch This is another of the Brown`s series of cards showing a rare sight since the war, namely Curling on Lanark Loch. This picture dates to the early 1900`s.


Lake Pavilion, Lanark This card was sent on August 20th 1938. It shows people having a picnic as well as some men enjoying a boat ride. Also in the background can be seen the Lanark to Muirkirk line.


Lanark Loch This is a Caledonia series card showing a peaceful view of Lanark Loch. Notice the trees are almost at the edge of the Loch and the grass was not mechanically cut. The date of dispatch of this card was November 1911.


The Duck Pond, Lanark Not altogether sure where this winter shot was taken by Archibald Brown. The interesting thing with this card was postmarked 9pm on Christmas Day! This was in 1905.


The Loch Pavilion, Lanark This is an interesting view of the Inn on the Loch. The date of postage of this card was 25th July 1932. Anybody know where that happens to be? It was also called the Lake ......more


Lanark Loch has been one of the town’s most popular attractions for many years. Seeing numbers of visitors increasing in recent times has led to me to reflect on the history of this lovely spot. Lanark ......more


The Lake, Lanark. Notice this card is entitled the Lake, Lanark. This was the name as pointed out in a previous post pre World War I for Lanark Loch. This card was posted from Lanark on August 17th ......more


Lanark Loch was the most popular visitor attraction in the early 20th century. People generally had limited opportunities for excursions, a trip doon the water (ie Down the Clyde) was quite a treat pre ......more


This is a view of Springbank in Lesmahagow. Looks like the row of houses is on the road that goes up the hill from Abbeygreen/The Fountain. The design of the houses suggest early 19th century though ......more


This shows a view of Biggar High School from the air. The additions to Biggar High were made in the 1970`s. The flat roof was a catastrophic design apart from leaks, guess where the heating was? - in ......more


Aerial View of the Centre of Lanark This is a good view of the centre of Lanark. There are many points of interest in this twenty year old picture. Notice that there has been no streetscape and the ......more


Aerial view of Lanark Auction Market Twenty years ago there was the old Lawrie & Symington Auction Market and no retail market. Also no new houses along Hyndford Road. The group of three warehouses ......more


This is an interesting aerial shot of Hope Street showing the Library, the Court Buildings and the old fire station. This was at the rear of the Court Buildings. Next to the court is the old police station ......more


This is a view of Winston Barracks which were going to be done up to create a U.S. Military Hospital at the height of the Cold War. Also there is a view of the Golf Range and there were also archery butts ......more


This is an aerial shot of Lanark Race Course in 2001. Twenty years ago there were still the old stands of the race course. There will be photos of the demolition of these posted that were taken by Harvie ......more

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