Gallery of Pictures


It was in Sicily that the Battery saw its first military action. It was here that they came up against the Germans who killed a number of the Battery. It was with some relief that the fighting around ......more


Pit Pony This is a nice item from the Douglas Water Chronicles. It is rare to see a picture of a pit pony.


This is a photo of Queen Elsie and her attendants from Douglas Water Gala Day 1967. Anyone with any information of the people in this picture would be greatly appreciated.


Here we have Queen Myra and her attendants of Douglas Water Gala Day 1955. Anybody any information on anyone in this picture?


This card was produced during the war. It is interesting as it has a message from Churchill on the back "Let us all strive without failing in faith or in duty". The war was still on when this card was ......more


Corn Exchange and Jubilee Fountain, Biggar This is another Valentine`s card of Biggar. The registration number is 73237, which was registered in 1912. This view was 12 years old when it was posted on ......more


This is a nice Brown`s card showing the Cadger`s Brig in Biggar.


Romantic Card This card was sent by Janny to Phimia Nelson at Greenbank Farm from Tarbrax. The romantic nature of this card is interesting. These cards were fairly common in the early 20th century. ......more


This is a photograph of the Lanimer Queen`s Court dating to 1960. This shows the Lanimer Queen who was then Elizabeth Frood. She was crowned by Mrs Janet Thom. The Lord Cornet then was Tom Tennant. Anybody recognise themselves in this picture?


Interesting collection of Maids of Honour. The Queen in 1962 was Jill McAllister of St Mary`s School in Lanark. She was crowned by Mrs W. Fergus Robertson. The Lord Cornet was Lanark`s greatest defender of the Lanimers William Eagle Hall.


The Lady Hozier Convalescent Home was set up due to the generosity of the Hozier family from Mauldslie Castle. For many years it played an important part in taking care of people who were not really fit ......more


This card is one of the Valentine`s series. It is called a sepia type. The number is A 6688. This card was produced in the 1930`s but only used in 1947. It was sent by M. Steven at St Gordians, Biggar. The ......more


This card of Biggar Post Office was sent from Coulter on April 12th 1906. Apart from the Post Office, there is John Hislop and Sons. Does anybody know anything about this shop? Brian Dow has done ......more


The Loch, Lanark This shows the island in the Loch and this was an early example of the Caledonia series. It was sent from Lanark on July 13th 1906. This sender of the card says Lanark is a nice place to come for a holiday.


Lake Pavilion (2), Lanark This is one of the Brown`s series cards showing people near the Tea Room and the Hall. Also the boathouse is in view, however there is no kiosk. This card was posted on July ......more


Lanark Loch This shows things as they were at Lanark Loch in the 1960`s/1970`s and later. I remember taking my children for a row on Lanark Loch. Doubt if we will ever see these days again.

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