Gallery of Pictures


This is a view of the 17th century Dovecot (Doocot) at Covington Castle. This was built in the late 17th century to supply the castle with fresh meat during the winter time. Inside this Dovevot are the ......more


This is a view of Covington Tower which was built in the late 15th century with the Doocot in front of it. Apart from these features, there are remains of a 17th century garden between the Castle and the ......more


This is a picture from the Sommerville Memorie which was a 19th century book about the Sommerville family. The Sommervilles were the most important family in Carnwath from the twelfth to the late sixteenth ......more


This is picture of Major Telfer`s tomb. He decided hat he wanted to be buried outside the church yard so that when the last trumpet blew and the dead came out of their tombs, he would be the first from ......more


This is a picture of a local character Heather Jock . I do not know anything about him but I think that he must have something to do with the Leadhills , Crawfordjohn area . Scott`s series tends to concentrate on this area.


This card is a nice view of the Co-operative Society shop at Auchenheath. This building still exists. The Co-op with its dividend was a useful way of working people to save. The Co-op movement has its origins with Robert Owen in New Lanark.


This is an interesting view of Lesmahagow with its gas works. All medium size communities had their own place for producing coal gas. Many of these survived till the advert of natural gas from the North ......more


Edmonston House in this slide was built for the Brown family in the mock Gothic style which was in vogue at the end of the 19th century beginning of the nineteenth century. The architect was Gillespie ......more


This is an old photo taken in the 1970`s of the Symington memorial and miners` cottages at Leadhills. Maybe somebody could comment on any changes that have taken place since then. From what I remember ......more


Stonebyres This engraving was done by William Green (1760-18230. He was not only an engraver but an artist as well. He enjoyed areas of natural beauty with most of his work being done in the Lake District. The ......more


Stonebyres Power Station The opening of the electric power stations at Bonnington and Stonebyres were the first hydro power stations in Scotland. The creation of them was not without controversy as ......more


This is a picture of Fallburn Iron Age fort on the way up to Tinto. Many people pass it but do not know how important it is. This aerial photograph shows the two principal ramparts and the opposing entrances. ......more


This is a picture of Captain Cody. He was involved in airplanes from the very beginning of manned flight in Britain. He built the first aircraft for the military at Farnborough, it was not a great success. ......more


Tarbrax This is a view of the shale mining community of Tarbrax. The view was probably taken in the 1920`s. At this stage shale mining was becoming less profitable as the demand for the paraffin was ......more


This is a view of Carstairs Junction of Strawfrank Church looking South. This Church was in part funded by the railway workers employed by the Caledonian Railway Company. Carstairs Junction as the name ......more


This is an interesting view of some of the houses fronting on to the Village Green. Green View is at the Carnwath end of the Village. Just into the picture is the Carstairs Arms Hotel, this was demolished ......more

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