Gallery of Pictures


This is an interesting view of New Lanark. It was part of a magic lantern series of pictures for a lecture on Edinburgh and other nearby Tourist destinations. The date of this photo is probably between ......more


This card was probably made pre World War I. It proudly states on the back that it was made in Britain . Pre World War I many of the cards were manufactured in Saxony in Germany. The dating is based on ......more


This a card from the Scott`s series of postcards. I have not seen this one before. It shows some of the Leadminers` cottages near the cemetery . The card dates from 1906 and what it does show is that the ......more


This cabinet card was produced when the firm of Archibald Brown had a part time business in Biggar. Date roughly 1880-1900. By 1910 the firm no longer operated in Biggar. Do not know who this worthy is but ideas would be welcome.


This is a view of Dalserf showing the Church which dates back to the 17th century though in the Churchyard there is the Viking style Hogback stone which dates back to the 10th/11th century. The place name ......more


This is a good view of the McKirdy Fountain in Main Street, Lesmahagow as it looked in 1904. The shop on the opposite side of the fountain is that of John Loudon, Grocer. Near the fountain was George Smith, ......more


Doctor Prosody This illustration is one of twenty humorous illustrations done for a book on the imaginary tours of Doctor Prosody. It was written in 1821 and published by Matthew Iley in London. The ......more


This is a view of Corra Lynn which was published by G. Kearsley but drawn by the famous artist Paul Sandby. This view was published in 1778 after one of his trips around Scotland. In 1778 a fair amount ......more


This is a very early view of Smyllum House, which was connected with William Smellie. However the house that he lived in is no longer visible The surviving parts of the building are encased in the present ......more


This is a view of a well at the Clydesdale Inn in Lanark. It was found in 1999 in the courtyard at the back of the Inn. It was probably made for the Inn rather than for the Greyfriars Priory. It became ......more


This is a postcard showing Birkwood in its glory days before the McKirdy family fell on hard times. It was an irony that the last part to be built was the first part to fall down. Unfortunately it was ......more


This old photograph of the Lockhart Hospital was posted c. 1900 as the message is on the front of the card. Many of you would instantly say that this was the William Smellie however this building acquired ......more


This is a cabinet card from the firm of Davidson and sons. It dates from 1888-1907 as that was the period the title " Davidson and Sons " was used. It is not possible to say whether the photograph was ......more


This is a picture of St Leonards Street. It is probably pre World War I as it is not tarmacked . The card was not produced by any local firm though it does state on the back that it is of British manufacture. ......more


This is a picture of the boat bridge at Thankerton . It was built in the year 1778 and was funded by the county of Lanark to facilitate travel between Lanark and Biggar. Previously there was a boat at ......more


This a rather nice painting of Kirkfieldbank which was used to illustrate a book by Neil Munro on the Orchard Valley. This picture was done by Mary Young Hunter who was born in New Zealand and married ......more

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