Gallery of Pictures


This is a view of Kirkton with a large white building adjoining it. This was built by Thomas Gibson who owned the Whitesaw Tile works near Carluke.Probably built 1890-1910 in the Art Deco style. Carluke/ ......more


This picture was taken in the late 1970`s of Lanark Race Course . It does show both the grandstand and the track. At the bottom end there is a shadow which may be part of the first race track which was ......more


These barracks were in Lanark unlike the later Winston barracks which are just outside Lanark and still survive today albeit converted into modern houses and flats. These barracks were demolished in 1880 ......more


This is a view of Cairngryffe which is an interesting hillfort which was excavated by Gordon Childe in 1939. Not much was found but he did find a Celtic terret. The reins for a chariot went through this ......more


The Lanarkshire Yeomanry were very well trained. This picture shows them as winners of the squadron trophy at Bisley. Bisley was famous for its shooting competitions. They won the squadron prize in 1902 ......more


Here is a puzzle, the photo claims that the top mine is at Ponfeigh but Gazetter of Scottish Colleries done by the Royal Commission says that it is Kingshill near Forth but Guthrie Hutton`s mining legacy ......more


This is a picture of Smith of Birkhill which used to be in Birkhill House near Coalburn . When the photo was taken , it was the property of the Telfer family who stayed at the house prior to it being taken ......more


This post is a challenge. The photo was taken by Charles Reid of Wishaw but there is nothing on the photo to identify it . Hope our good friends in the Lost Houses of the Clyde Valley have some idea about this one.


This card with the dual views of Kirkton Avenue and Kikrton House was posted in Carluke on July 21st, 1915. It was made for Aikmen, stationers in Carluke. Kirkton House was unfortunately demolished in ......more


This is an interesting card of the Caledonian Station at Dolphinton. This line opened in 1867 and it connected Dolphinton to Carstairs. By the 1920`s there were three return journeys to Carstairs stopping ......more


This is a view of a family run saw mill at Crossford. If anybody knows anything about these people, please could they share this information. This saw mill was powered by the water from the Nethan. The ......more


This is a rather fine photograph of Crossford in the heigh day of the tomato and soft fruit industry. Notice the large number of glass houses and how they were heated by coal not by oil. The tomato industry ......more


This is a picture of James Jack - Ironmonger and Seed Merchant in Lanark c.1900-1910. The staff are standing in front of the shop. During the conversion of Hyndford House behind in the 1990`s, the Archaeological ......more


This is a fine photograph of a 1937 float in Lanark`s Lanimers The theme is the floral clock in Princess Street Gardens in Edinburgh. The Latin words `Tempus Fugit` means `Time Flies`.


This is a distant view of Carnwath Mill. This was dated to the 19th century by a survey done by Canmore n advance of a planned development. That is probably correct for the machinery and some alterations ......more


This is a picture of fuelling up at Tarbrax in the 1920`s. It was the advent of the motor car and need for petrol rather than the paraffin that was produced at Tarbrax that led to the demise of the Paraffin Works there.

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