Gallery of Pictures


This is a nice scene in Abington when there was a bank, post office, petrol station etc.


This is a rather unusual view of Leadhills showing the main square and surrounding buildings. It is interesting to see by the time this photograph was done the roof of the houses were generally slated. ......more


This was produced by the local post office for a man called Murray. It shows Crawford Bowling Green. The Bowling Club stood here till 1950, when it was moved to its present location. It is across the river from Tower Lindsay.


This is a view showing the Free Church of Crawford in the background. The houses are predominately late nineteenth century. Some houses near the Colebrooke Arms are much earlier and date back to the 18th ......more


This is a nice view of Lamington House, home of the Baillie Cochrane family. This house was eventually demolished in the 1950`s. The reason being that the direct line of the Baillie Cochrane family died ......more


This is a view of Crawfordjohn from the West looking towards the Village. The slightly raised piece of ground is the remains of the Motte, which was built in the late 12th century. This feature can still ......more


This is a rather unusual view of Glengonnar House at Abington. It shows the new house built after the fire of 1898. Lord Colebrooke spent a fortune on the house and the entertainment of King Edward VII ......more


This is a rather unusual view of the Public Park at Biggar showing one side of the boating pond. It shows that new bushes and trees had been planted as a screen for the golf course. The picture shows the ......more


This a view of St Mary`s Biggar from the north. This ios an interesting view from the north of the church. It was done for J.B Watson, stationer in Biggar. This was taken before the major restoration of ......more


This is a picture of a Clydesdale Stallion with the rather unusual name `Oyama`. Research has revealed that this name is connected with an area of British Columbia in Canada . This is not surprising as ......more


This is a view of Lanark`s police force in the 1880`s. They were based in the police station which was built after Lanark Prison was demolished sometime about the time this photograph was taken. Looking ......more


The date of this family photograph is about 1890 judging from the dress and was taken by Archibald Rogers. He was at this time based at 98 High Street. He stayed there till 1917. incidentally it is possible ......more


This is a view of the Cartland Bridge hotel when it was known as Baronald. At the time this picture was taken , it was the home of the Farie family . They had it built in 1889 by Sir J Burnet in the Scottish ......more


This is a view of the now defunct Crawford Golf Course which was at one time was a popular course. There were a number of small golf course that were developed in the early part of the 20th century to cater for the growing tourist market


This is a nice card of Lamington which shows the extension to the original house built by the Baillie Cochranes. The addition on the left of the house was probably one by Charles Baillie Cochrane, who ......more


Falls of Clyde, Cora Linn This is an interesting card in that the message is written round the picture. This was the way it was done in the early years of the 20th century. The back was exclusively ......more

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