Gallery of Pictures


This is a view of Biggar taken from the air possibly in the 1940`s . This was published by Pillans Bryden who ran two stationers , one at the West End and the other in the main street in Biggar. The areas ......more


This is a view of Lesmahagow done by Archibald Brown , photographer from Lanark. This card was sent from Lesmahagow in 1904. At that time there was no public park. The house in the picture are quite ......more


Valley of the Clyde This card is interesting as it records the fact that the writer of the card was on his way up to see the launch of the Queen Mary in 1934. This was a significant signal to the British ......more


This is a fine view of Birkwood Castle in Lesmahagow published for J. Young. At one time this Castle had some fine Swiss 16th century glass in it, which had been collected by the McKirdy family. Possibly ......more


St Kentigerns, Lanark. This is a view of St Kentigerns, Lanark which was founded in the late 12th century by the Monks of Dryburgh Abbey. A seal of the Abbey of St Mary`s Dryburgh was found about thirty ......more


This is a rather unusual card that I have never seen before. It shows the duck pond up Lamington Glen, which runs up from the site of Lamington House.


This is a view of the West Port which was posted on July 18th 1933. The writer of the card sent separately four stockings to Miss Ruby Aitken of Knowhead, Carluke. The card was produced in the Inter War ......more


This card was produced for John Renton, who was probably the postmaster. The card is pre 1st World War. It shows Crawfordjohn as a community that had changed little from the early 19th century. It was ......more


This is a pre 1st World War card showing the church at Coulter which was produced for James Jackson, Stationer in Biggar. The present church was built in 1810 on the site of a Medieval Church. It was later ......more


This is a view of Carstairs Junction Station on April 27th 1913. It is an unusual card in that it shows the demolition of part of the Victorian station. This was a roofed section similar in design to York ......more


This view is possibly from Westraw farm near Pettinain, it shows a farm labourer`s family out working geting the harvest in. The date of this picture is the early 1900`s. This picture came from the collection ......more


This interior view of the Tinto Hotel shows the magnificence of its interior in the early 1920`s. It was a very popular place to stop going south to England. My uncle from Aberdeen used to stay here when ......more


This stable was prefabricated and specially erected for the Lanark Yeomanry camp near Douglas West. This photo was taken in 1905 after the Yeomanry had done service in both Boer Wars. The Yeomanry is alleged ......more


This picture shows a member of the Lanarkshire Yeomanry as they would have been dressed at the time of Queen Victoria`s Jubilee in 1887. Next year will mark the 200th anniversary of the use of the yeomanry ......more


This is a multicard of Lanark ; it has many different views of the different attractions of Lanark. It was one of the early cards of this type and is not a great success as the pictures are too dark. This card was sent on July 23rd 1923.


This is a photo of an angler by the Clyde at Abington back in the early 1900`s. This was quite a popular card which was published by the local postmaster M. McKendrick in Abington. There is a monument ......more

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