Gallery of Pictures


This is an enlargement of a view of Lanark which was drawn by I. Jackson in the 19th century. Some of the places are recognisable but a bit of artistic license has been used. Nevertheless the view of the ......more


This is a photo of Lanark High Street about 1912-1918. It shows the public toilet . Some of the Lanark worthies are sat near the entrance to the toilets. These underground toilets were situated near Lanark ......more


This is a good view of Crossford probably late 1920`s. It is taken from the Tillietudlem end of the village. Points of interest include the small tea room with the dogs outside, the garage, the tomato ......more


History of Sandilands This is a special train that has just crossed the Sandilands Viaduct going to Douglas and Muirkirk. The front train is an early example of a Caledonian railway engine. It was painted ......more


View of Bonnington Falls This is a view done of the Falls at Bonnington by the Belgian artist Pernot. Like the view of New Lanark, this picture was printed in 1827. He not only did Bonnington but he did Corra Linn as well.


New Lanark View by the Belgian artist (spent his working life in France) Francois Alexandre Pernot (1793-1865). He was one of Frances famous romantic artists. This view of New Lanark was done as part ......more


This is a card showing both William Ewart Gladstone and his grandfathers house at Toftcombs. This is one of the cards sent to Miss Hutson at the Store House in Carstairs Junction.


This weeks focus is on Biggar, one of the most important Burghs in Clydesdale. It was created a Burgh of Barony by James II in 1451. It had the right to have a market on a Thursday. In 1863 it lost its ......more


This is an interesting print of St Mary`s, Biggar. It shows quite clearly the difference between the nave and the chancel plus transepts. This print was done in the 1860`s prior to the Victorian alterations. ......more


This is a view of what is left of the `jougs`. The `jougs` consisted of an iron collar attached by a chain to the wall of the church. They were popular in the 17th century. Often males were put in the ......more


This is a view of a late 13th/early 14th century tomb slab in the porch of St Mary`s. When this person was buried and it is quite likely that this slab commemorates a priest, St Mary`s was known as St ......more


A Mason`s mark. The chancel of St Mary`s has a number of masons marks on the stones. Each mason after serving his apprentice of seven years, got a mark, which was a way in which his work could be checked. A ......more


So that looks like auld Jenny Bogles house was there and the cottage that Norman Ritchie was in but not the Knoll.


This is an illustration from W. S. Crockett`s Book on the History of Biggar. It shows a picture of a fragment of a pre Norman Cross perhaps 10th/11th century found at Kirklawhill Farm near Biggar. It lies ......more


This is a postcard showing the original market cross which stood on a mound near the Corn Exchange in Biggar. The cross was sketched by John Pairman, a famous artist whose grave is in Biggar Churchyard. ......more


This is a picture of the Gladstone Cottage of Mid Toftcombs. It was here in 1759 that John Gladstone, Burgess of Biggar died in 1759. He was the grandfather of William Ewart Gladstone, the famous Liberal ......more

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