Gallery of Pictures


This is another picture of the council houses in Carstairs Junction. It is called King Street, possibly after Sir James, the King who lived at Carstairs House.


This is an interesting view showing a large group of children posing for the camera outside the Carstairs Junction Co-op. This card was made about 1920, a couple of years before the death of Andrew Hutton. ......more


This is a nice view of Strawfrank Road, Carstairs Junction which runs parallel to the railway line. The card is sent to Jessie Hutson on May 12th 1905, when she was away at Penpont in Dumfriesshire. Her ......more


This is Carstairs Junction Primary School. The photograph was taken on 2nd March, 1906 for J. Jackson, Stationer in Carnwath. The teacher is at the back on the right.


This is a view of Castledykes from the air. I took this photo in the late 1970`s. This photo gives a good view of the eight acre fort. This playing card shaped fort was the most important fort of the many ......more


This is a picture of Andy Wilson holding up a piece of Amphora which was found during field walking in the Southern Annex of the Roman Fort of Castledykes. The annex was used as a place for the traders and camp followers to rest up.


This is the Springer for a vault from the Bishop`s church of St Mary`s Carstairs. It dates to c.1450 and shows how sophisticated Carstairs Church really was.



This is an old view of Townhead at the Eastend of Carnwath. The old thatched cottages can be seen as well as the flag pole for the park and the corner of what was the Lockhart Arms.


This card was posted on 26th July 1916. It was published by James Jackson of Carnwath. This is a view of the bottom of the Main Street showing people standing in front of Clarks the Drapers.


This is a photo of the Lockhart grave enclosure at the east end of Carstairs Church. It was gravediggers working here who discovered the eastern apse of the Bishop of Glasgow church of St Mary`s.


This is a grave slab dating to the period of the Covenanters. This slab dates to 1672 and is used to create a walk way around the Parish Church of Carstairs.


This is the old public school for Carstairs. The children had a playground out of the village on the left hand side of the road near the compound for used cars. The school is now a community centre.


Today we will be putting on some more photos of Carnwath. The first one is a rather fine picture pre World War I showing the Old Bush Inn. Anybody any ideas about the shop opposite? Andrew somebody or ......more


This is Carnwath House when it was a golf club house in the early 1960`s.


This is a picture of the small hamlet of Kaimend. Incidentally the word Kaimes is connected with the dumps of sand and gravel left by the last great glaciation c. 9500 B.C. A fine example of this geological ......more

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