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This is a view of Lesmahagow Station. Lesmahagow did not get a station till fairly late on as a considerable amount of engineering had to be undertaken. It was only opened for business in 1905 and closed ......more


This is an example of a spindle whorl. Spindle whorls were attached as a weight to a piece of wood. They were used as a weight and they enabled the users to wind wool around a stick and then attach the ......more


This is a better picture of Lesmahagow Priory courtesy of the National Library of Scotland. The date of this sketch is 1783 and was taken from the South West. The points of interest are the door which ......more


This is an interesting card produced as part of the Askam series of Lesmahagow. Anybody know anything about this company? The theme which is very unusual is the harvest thanksgiving. I would date it to between 1905-1910


This is a view of the old parish church, Lesmahagow which replaced the remains of the priory with the 17th century side aisles. This was undertaken between 1803-1810, then further work was undertaken after ......more


This is a picture taken from the charter of Kelso dating to the reign of Malcolm IV of the foundation of Kelso. This was in 1159. Already Lesmahagow Priory had been founded by Malcolm IV`s grandfather ......more


This is a view of some of the items from John Greenshields book on Lesmahagow. He lived at the Kerse near Lesmahagow. He had the house there built for him in 1857. Seven years later he published the Annals ......more


This is a picture from the Luttrell psalter showing a sheep fold. Sheep farming was an important business for the Tironesian Monks. They had lambs all over South Lanarkshire.


When the Parish Church tower, Lesmahagow was built, this inscription was placed above the door recording the building of the Priory in 1140. That year is the traditional year for the foundation of the Burgh of Lanark.


This is a view of the walkway around the cloister of the priory. Several bodies were found in the walkway, which suggests a post Reformation use. Also some Medieval glass was found. The cloister is unusual ......more


This name is given to the area that was used underneath the dormitory for the laybrother. In the undercroft grain and other food plus drink would be kept. In another part wool would be kept that had been ......more


This is the Cellarium which lay under the refectory for the priory. The cellarium was the place where the beer and wine was kept prior to being served in the refectory above. The cellarium was probably ......more


This is a side view of Lesmahagow parish church as it is today. It probably stands directly on top of the priory church. Some of the priory stones were reused in the tower. I saw these when I climbed the ......more

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