Gallery of Pictures


Garrion Bridge This is a view of Garrion Bridge and Mill. It is also one of the George Moffat collection. The old bridge in the photograph dates back to 1817. It was a vital connection for the Ayr-Edinburgh ......more


Manse - Crawfordjohn This is another card from the George Moffat collection. This is of the Manse at Crawfordjohn. This house is still standing and chiefly dates back to the nineteenth century. Does ......more


Boghall Castle This rather fanciful print of Boghall Castle was done for Irving and Murray`s History of the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire. It was published in 1867. It claimed to have been done from John ......more


WALLACE’S LANARK SITES TO VISIT 1. THE CASTLE This site became a Bowling Green in 1758. However up to the late 1970s most of the castle was clearly visible but housing developments roundabout ......more


This is a picture of the type of Medieval House one might have found in Lanark in the 14th century. The only evidence that we have for a Medieval stone built house in Lanark is the stone window placed ......more


William Wallace in Lanark William Wallace would also be familiar with the now ruined St Kentigerns. The site of a very much earlier church, this church is traditionally the one where William Wallace ......more


This is a picture of a priest wearing the type of clothes that John Blair, vicar of Libberton might have worn. The biography of William Wallace by John Blair does not survive. However the depth of local ......more


This is an iconic picture of William Wallace. This statue was placed on the face of St Nicholas Church, Lanark by the sculptor Robert Forrest in 1822. To give Forrest some credit, he did consult the Society ......more


This is a view of Braidwood Station near Carluke, opened by the Caledonian Railway Company in 1849. It was a busy station with several sidings on the east side including a sawmill and tileworks. On the ......more


This week will be chiefly about Wilsontown. The article about Wilsontown was written a fortnight ago for a friend of mine Bob Bradford, who came from there. I know Bob through the Lanarkshire Philatelic ......more


This is a picture of Wilsontown Station that lay next to the site of the old Iron Works. The remains of the railway embankment are still visible. As previously mentioned this station was saved by Bob ......more


This is an artistic impression of how Wilsontown would have looked. The Forrestry Commission had this board made with others to tell the story of Wilsontown. The plan is best enlarged to reveal the details of the site.


This is an intriguing story about a local murder at the Wilsontown toll. Does anybody know more about this story.


This is the Wilsontown story board. It tells the story of the development of the idea of hot blast furnaces. This was one of the most important discoveries which enabled both the Iron and Steel industries to take off. This was of world importance.


Rootpark, Wilsontown lies on the road towards Auchengray. The railway came at the back of Rootpark. The houses in Rootpark led up to the site of Wilsontown House and were the better quality properties.


This is a picture of a school outing leaving Wilsontown Station in circa 1905.

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