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Comment by Alan Nelson: Fancy dress parade (c1907) proceeding west down Carnwath Main Street


43 High Street, Lanark These are photos in connection with 43 High Street, Lanark. This house is threatened with demolition to create additional car parking. It is actual Common Good property and there ......more


This is an interesting illustration that I came across from a London Illustrated News Report of the1870`s. Obviously the Militia boys did not have a pleasant experience at their camp on Lanark Race Course.


This is an interesting example of a sheep sale at the old auction market. Pity the stone ring is still in a poor condition and there is no likelihood of anything being done about the timber ring. It ......more


This is a nice example of a family photo of an extended Lanark family in the 1880`s. It was about this time that the population figures in Scotland began to increase. In the 1860`s the death rate had ......more


Roman Bridge This is a view by the so called Roman Bridge over the Mouse. It was done by a French artist Pernot c.1820 - two hundred years ago. More of the walls of the bridge were preserved then. ......more


The Old Manse, 1757-1848 from the South Vennel This is an engraving from a publication called `The Lanark Manse Family`. This was written by the Lanark Historian Thomas Reid about the Reverend William ......more


Braehead This is a postcard of Braehead of the early part of the twelve century. I think that it is what is called Main Street, Braehead. The photograph shows a mixture of smaller 18th century and ......more


This is a picture of a soldier from the Lanark area. He seems to have been a signaller. Anybody any ideas who he is? The only clue is Auldershot 1929. It was taken by Brown`s of Lanark.


Main Street & South U.F. Church, Biggar This is a nice view of Main Street in Biggar. The card has on it a message `Gillespie Church` Sunday July 26th evening 1903. The former Gillespie United Presbyterian ......more


Chapel Hill, Coulter This is an unusual card of Chapel Hill, Coulter. Not seen this card before. Indeed was unaware of what the significance of this location is. The Parish Church is and has always ......more


This is another Carte de Visite produced by Archibald Rogers. It dates to about 1880/1890 and was produced in Archibald Rogers Photographic Studio in Lanark High Street.


Kirkfieldbank This card of Kirkfieldbank is unusual in that it was produced by C. Reid for Murrays of Wishaw. Normally C. Reid would be doing animal photos. It was sent from Wishaw in July 1915 to say ......more


Forth This is a nice photograph produced by Brown`s the photographers in Lanark. It is an interesting piece of social commentary with the single storey miner`s cottage and the boy in the foreground ......more


Comment by Molly Cumming: This is Holland without Tears, a 1946 Lanimer entry.


Comment by Molly Cumming: This is a 1934 Lanimer entry.

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