Gallery of Pictures


The Cross, Carnwath This is a view of the Cross or rather should one say the milestone cross. This shows the old urn which was blown down in a storm in 1962. Distances recorded on it - From Edinburgh ......more


Town Hall and Cross, Carnwath This picture is post 1962 as it shows the Town Hall. The foundation stone for this was laid in September 1930 by Mr G. Murray, Head Teacher of Carnwath School. At this ......more


Old Smithy, Carnwath This is a view that we have had on before of the Old Smithy which existed in the early 1900`s. If you do a search on Carnwath, you should find the details. Amongst other things made here were wheels for bicycles.


St Mary`s & the Aisle, Carnwath I was given this fine picture of St Mary`s Carnwath and the Aisle. Unfortunately I can not remember who took it. I did post it up before and gave it its proper attribution. Reason ......more


Carnwath Tolbooth/Jail map 1859 This is a 25" to the mile view of Carnwath Tolbooth/Jail and its surroundings. When this map was done in 1859, it was still the jail. Map Courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.


Carnwath House and Parish Church 1859 This is a 25" to the mile view of Carnwath House plus Parish Church in 1859. Courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.


Sketch of Carnwath Church This picture by A. Archer on 6th August 1837 shows the 18th century church which replaced the Medieval Church in 1798. However this was a successor to the Medieval Churches ......more


Main Street looking West, Biggar This is a postcard printed in Britain for Valentine`s of Dundee. This picture 30550 was registered in 1899 but not used postally till 1913. Month unfortunately too faint ......more


High Street, Biggar This is a fine 1950`s view of the High Street in Biggar. This was obviously taken from the roof of the Corner Exchange. The Elphinstone Hotel stands out prominently as well as Bryden`s. The ......more


Coulter Road, Biggar This is a nice view of Coulter Road, Biggar which was produced for the stationer J.H. Wilson from Biggar. It is quite an old view of Coulter Road as it was sent to Mrs Handasyde ......more


Strathview, Biggar, Birthplace of Dr John Brown This is an early view of the house called Strathview in Biggar which was the birthplace of Dr John Brown. It was produced for J.M. Wilson Stationer in ......more


Maggie Russell This is a nice photo of Maggie Russell in front of the post office in Pettinain. She is standing near the Post Office door. This photo belonged to my friend Isobel King. Date of the photo c.1900-05.


Sheep Dipping Here is a nice picture of sheep dipping at Eastfield Farm. Dating to 1890, it shows how things had changed from Medieval times. Sheep were driven between two smoking bonfires to get rid of ticks.


Lifting Tatties at Westraw Main c.1945 This is a fascinating photograph of the lifting of tatties at Westraw Main in 1945. The main points of interest are the blend of old and new - the tractor and the cart.


Pettinain This is a view of how the village of Pettinain looked after the modernisation of the houses. Indeed the houses look pretty much like this today.


Cyril Bates This is a copy of a photo showing Cyril Bates near Westersills in 1949. The farm of Westersills dated back to the 16th century, however the ruins in the background appear to date to the 18th ......more

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