Gallery of Pictures


Roof Space, Clydesdale Hotel, Lanark This gives an idea of how the roof of the Clydesdale Inn was built.


Front bedroom window, Clydesdale Hotel This is a view out of one of the front bedroom windows when the Clydesdale was being renovated. It was interesting to find that some of the glass in the window ......more


Assembly Rooms, Gallery The Clydesdale Inn did not include the large back room - in the old days this was called the Assembly rooms. The Inn was built in 1792 and was such a success that in 1820 it ......more


Assembly Room, Clydesdale Hotel, Lanark The Clydesdale Inn did not include the large back room - in the old days this was called the Assembly Rooms. The Inn was built in 1792 and was such a success ......more


Save The Clydesdale Inn This was a campaign to ensure the survival of the Clydesdale Inn after Wetherspoons decided to move out in 2016. Fortunately Hawthorn Leisure took it over and they are now putting ......more


The Scattering, Clydesdale Inn, Lanark The Clydesdale was a popular venue for the Officer`s dinner at the end of the Annual Camp. The officers would stay the night in the Clydesdale and would dismiss ......more


Ford Day at Lanark Racecourse This is a view of the Ford Day at Lanark Racecourse. This was organised by W.H. Cox owner of the Clydesdale Inn in 1913. It was the first motor show if one can call it ......more


The Clydesdale Inn The Clydesdale Inn was Lanark’s first hotel for tourists though the initial idea was more to do with a gentleman’s club. The Inn started out in this manner with the local gentry ......more


Bloomgate, Lanark This is an early view of Bloomgate which I posted the other week. The reason that I am reposting is that it shows the Clydesdale Inn with not only the AA sign but with a sign for a ......more


lydesdale Hotel, Lanark this is a view of the Clydesdale Hotel as it was then known. The view is probably about the mid 1950`s. The Morris Minor is a trip down memory lane. My eldest brother had one ......more


Co-op, Lesmahagow This is a view that I found today of the interior of the Lesmahagow Co-op. It dates to between 1910-1920. Comment by Sonia Shaw: What a great photo. Much has changed since then. Comment ......more


Lanark Loch 1914 This card shows just how popular Lanark Loch/Lake was in the reign of George V. This card was sent from Lanark shortly before World War I on July 22nd 1914. The writer of the card ......more


Bloomgate, Lanark This card has plenty of action in it. The view is of the Bloomgate, next to what is now Naseem`s Newsagents and shop is Chislett`s the Chemist (which in recent times was used as the ......more


Fisherman`s Monument, Abington This is a view of the Fisherman`s Monument near Abington. It is from a book called `The County of Lanark` which was published in 1935. The Fisherman`s Monument stands ......more


Boating Pond, Biggar This is a view of Biggar Boating Pond which according to the County of Lanark book was constructed c.1900. Comment by Ruth Bryden: Remember it well,The curlers hated us skating on ......more


Stonebyres, Kirkfieldbank This is an aerial view of the Stonebyres Power Station from the County of Lanark book. It commenced generation in June 1926. Comment by Allan Jamieson: Definitely Bonnington, ......more

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