Gallery of Pictures


Well at Clydesdale Inn, Lanark This well was discovered in 1999 during preparatory work being done to make the Clydesdale Inn into a Wetherspoon Pub. The location of it suggests that there was a pump ......more


Castlegate Dig 1975 This is a picture of the excavation undertaken by LADAS in 1975 in the Castlegate. The Puddin Burn flows underneath the site through where the ladies are working, medieval cobbling ......more


Wallace The reason for the Wallace picture is that Wallace chose Lanark in May 1297 to start off the revolt against English rule. Why? Lanark was one of the main market towns in Scotland and the centre ......more


Medieval Market This is an artist`s impression of a typical Medieval Market. Lanark`s Market was held at the Tolbooth. Tol(l) is a tax and booth is a shop. The traders in Lanark were the only people ......more


Crosscryne This is a view of Crosscryne which was at one time the border between England and Scotland after the English defeat of the Scots forces under Sir Archibald Douglas at the battle of Halidan ......more


Norman Doorway, Church of St Ninian, Lamington This is a view of the Norman doorway of the church of St Ninian, Lamington. This small church was originally built in the 12th century. Kelso held lands ......more


Burgh Weights Selling wool involved weighing the wool. Lanark was added to the court of the four burghs in 1369 after Roxburgh fell to the English. After that happened Lanark was granted the privilege ......more


"Claymore" - Clydesdale Horse This Clydesdale horse `Claymore` had its picture taken by Charles Reid of Wishaw somewhere in Clydesdale. Date of picture 1890-1905. Any ideas?


The Lake Tearooms, Lanark This is an interesting view of the Inn on the Loch c.1940. At that time it was known as Lanark Lake Pavilion. Part of it was known as the Lanark Tearooms. Also in the photograph ......more


Lanark Golf Course This is a picture of Lanark Golf Course back in 1899. The Golf Course was founded in 1851 and is the 17th oldest Golf Course in the entire U.K. In 1899 there was just over 100 male ......more


Lanark Grammar This is a picture of one of the many incarnations of Lanark Grammar. Its last use was to be a science block of the Grammar though before that it was Lanark Primary School. It was at ......more


Comment by Graham U`ren: This is Garron (not Garrion) Bridge over the River Shira just as it enters Loch Fyne on the Argyll estate just north of Inveraray.


This group are from the Rogerson collection but links are not known. Anybody any ideas?


High Street, Lanark This is a good view of Lanark High Street pre World War I. Notice that the road is pretty dreadful, no tarmac then just mud. Horse and cart was still the main form of transport. ......more


19th century staircase, Clydesdale Hotel, Lanark This is a view of a fine 19th century staircase leading down at the East end of the building. The metal work is of excellent quality.


Assembly Room Ceiling, Clydesdale Hotel, Lanark This was the original roof of the assembly rooms. Originally it was much higher than it is currently. The height of the ceiling meant that it was quite ......more

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