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Old Time`s Sake - Lanark High Street This card was posted from Lanark on Friday August 5th 1910, the day before the Lanark Aviation week started. Unfortunately there is no reference to the Aviation week ......more


High Street, Lanark This is a 1940`s card which shows the toilets. It must be a sunny day in Lanark as all the shops have their awnings out. The nearest shop is Hislops. Anybody know anything about ......more


Lanark High Street and Cross Here are two pictures, one the original photo taken pre World War I for John Menzies and the other the postcard. However the original photo has much more clear detail such ......more


High Street, Lanark 1912 This is a rather colourful card which shows the Tolbooth and what was Jenice Plenderleith`s Flower Shop. Looking at the dress of the women (the hats), this card was produced ......more


High Street, Lanark This is the oldest card of Lanark in my collection. It was posted in Carlisle on May 22nd, 1900 to Miss Duross who was in Orleans in France. This type of card is called an undivided ......more


High Street, Lanark Oldest Card This is the oldest card of Lanark in my collection. It was posted in Carlisle on May 22nd, 1900 to Miss Duross who was in Orleans in France. This type of card is called ......more


Lanark`s Treasures This weeks article is about the treasures of Lanark of which there are many. However I will not cover every single one, but some well known and some not so well known. Lanark’s ......more


Wide Close, Lanark. The Wide Close is the only surviving 16th century gateway of a Burgh surviving in Southern Scotland. Some years ago, I found that the windows of the Wide Close Port were blocked ......more


Vere House Lanark 1960`s Vere House stood on the site of Lidl. It was demolished in 1979 to make way for William Low`s Supermarket. An interesting feature was a vaulted port either kitchen or storage ......more


Back of Wellgate, Lanark 1980`s This is a view of the back of the Wellgate as it looked in the 1980`s. This slide illustrates how the houses were built end on to the street following the property lines. ......more


High Street Lanark 1914 I will be finishing off the High Street prior to getting together more material for the treasures. However the old High Street was one of our greatest treasures, it is a pity ......more


High Street, Lanark This card is dated to 1973. A blast from the past Woolworths - a very handy shop. Pity that it has disappeared apart from on line. Note too the width of the road, which would ......more


High Street, Lanark Lanark in the 1980`s - more traffic about and some interesting vehicles - Sunblest/Fine Fare. The building which stands out is the light brown, beige buildings, now a printers. ......more


The Cross, Lanark This is a nice coloured photograph of how St Nicholas used to look. The brown and white paint scheme looks quite good. The problem with the present paint is that it will always go ......more


High Street, Lanark This looks very much like Lanark on Market day with all the men conversing in the street. This was sent from Lanark in 1935 to Canada for 1 penny


High Street, Lanark A nice 1970`s view of Lanark including Coltarts and Woolworths. The central reservation is quite well maintained and the trees are a nice feature.

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