Gallery of Pictures


Crowning of Lanimer Queen 1935 This is going back Lanark Lanimers of 1935. The Queen who is being crowned is Netta Graham from Lanark Grammar School. She was crowned by Mrs T. Brown. The Cornet was ......more



Lanimer Queen and Maids of Honour 1912 This is a card of 1912 showing Jeannie McCulloch from the small New Lanark School. She was crowned by Mrs J. Stewart and the Lord Cornet was William John Fergus. ......more


This card of the Lanimer Queen c.1950 with various attendants on what looks like a particularly wet day. Comment by MOlly Cumming: This is a Gala queen, not a Lanimer queen. Comment by Molly Cumming: This ......more


Comment by Molly Cumming: This is Anne Downie, Lanimer queen 1953, with her Maids of Honour.




Knight and Lady The English did hold on to Lanark Castle for a short while after Bannockburn. This picture shows what a typical English knight and his wife would have looked like.


Priest This picture shows what a well dressed priest of the late 14th century would have looked like. This might have been the sort of garments that Adam of Lanark would have worn in 1356.


At the time Adam of Lanark was around, the Civilian dress for the Burgesses of Lanark and their wives would have been similar to what is shown in this picture.


St Kentigerns, Lanark This is an early postcard showing St Kentigerns Lanark from the North West. This postcard has an undivided back and is a very early card. It was posted May 13th 1903 for Lanark ......more


The Arches, St Kentigerns, Lanark View of St Kentigerns and the surrounding cemetery shows a couple of holes in the arches. These holes were there to hold the screens for the side chapels. In 1500 James ......more


St Kentigern`s, Lanark This is a picture of St Kentigern`s Lanark done by the firm of Archibald Brown. This also shows the arches of the north aisle. There was another chantry chapel which was dedicated ......more


St Kentigern`s Lanark This is a Tartan card produced pre World War I in Germany for the Milton `Glazette Company` in London. St Kentigern`s was always a big hit with visitors to Lanark. Hugh Davidson ......more


t Kentigern`s Lanark This glittery card was made probably about 1910. The church of St Kentigern`s fell into disrepair during the Covenanting era. By 1688 the church was in a dangerous state but it ......more


Ruins of Old Church, Lanark This is a print done by J. J. Murray for Volume 2 of Irving and Murray`s History of the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire. The print is interesting as the west end of the church had ......more


Comment by Alan Nelson: Biggar (written on the sign)

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