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Main Street, Douglas This is an interesting view of the Main Street in Douglas probably in the 1920`s. The manufacturer of the card is unknown. The Street is a beautiful mixture of 18th and 19th century ......more


Wall This picture shows that there were several layers of construction of the cloister. The last phase was funded by Lady Margaret Douglas in the late 1480`s.


This photograph shows the excavation and recording of one of the cloister walls. It is thought that the main church which would be a box like construction parallel to the Bloomgate.


Statue of William Wallace This is a nice view of the statue of William Wallace. This was sculpted by Robert Forrest from Carluke about 1820. The rather outlandish year is based on a 17th century painting ......more


This week`s main article is about Lanark`s Greyfriars Monastery, founded by Robert the Bruce in 1329. This site was excavated in 1999, when Robert Hogg`s developers from Carluke were constructing a number ......more


Clydesdale Inn This is a picture of the Clydesdale Inn and the lane beside it. It was in this lane that the dig took place in 1999. As can be imagined the space for excavation was somewhat limited. ......more


This little face is typical of late thirteenth century pottery. It was possibly produced in Nottingham. Similar pottery was produced in Scarborough but it was green.


This is a picture of a tile probably of 15th century date which was found during the excavations.


River Clyde, Kirkfieldbank This is an interesting view of the path along the Clyde from Kirkfieldbank Bridge to New Lanark. Many people will remember that this path was blocked and people have to make ......more


St Marys Church & Hospital, Lanark This is a nice card showing St Marys and St Marys Hospital. The card was made post World War I and is described as being of British manufacture. The Church was rebuilt ......more


High Street, Lanark This view of Lanark High Street was sent to Mr Reid, Co. Mrs Stewart of Townfoot in Leadhills. Date is about 1904/1905. It is certainly prior to the construction of the toilets near ......more


Parish Church Halls, Lesmahagow This is a building now know as the Fountain in Lesmahagow. The front part of the building was added in 1912. The part to the rear was done in a mock Jacobean Renaissance ......more


Crossford Village and River Clyde This is a nice view of Crossford which was posted from Carluke to Miss Hamilton, who was in a Fever Hospital. In those days, we had far more hospital beds than today. ......more


Train at Symington Here is a British Rail train going through Symington station in December 1954. The station is unfortunately no longer there, but it was under consideration for being restored as a ......more


This is an aerial view of Windgate House near Cowgill reservoir is typical of the sort of residence of the typical bonnet laird of the period of Lugless Will. A two storeyed store built farmhouse with ......more


Windgate House This is a view of Windgate house as it exists today. In the late 16th early 17th century sheep farming was the main business. Next to the bastle house where the sheep buchts were, the ......more

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