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This week we are concentrating on Leadhills. Lead Mining at Leadhills Lead mining has proved to be more successful than gold prospecting as there was no major effort to revive the search for gold ......more


Delves Park, Lanark Tonight I am having a rake through my Lanark Box. First up is a view of the Glenmuir knitwear factory which was founded in 1891. However the present buildings date back to the 1920`s. ......more


Lanimer Morning Procession, Lanark This is a blown up photograph of Lanimers about 1913. Several interesting features can be made out including Dunlops the Grocers with the Victoria House, which was ......more


Holm Road, Crossford. (rear of card) This is a picture of Holm Road, Crossford in the old days. It is interesting to see the old cottages dating back to the early part of the 19th century. Crossford ......more


Holm Road, Crossford. This is a picture of Holm Road, Crossford in the old days. It is interesting to see the old cottages dating back to the early part of the 19th century. Crossford was not only noted ......more


Tonight we will be putting on various things apart from last weeks article. Next week we will be concentrating exclusively on Leadhills. God’s treasure house in Scotland “God’s Treasure House ......more


Comment by Molly Cumming: This is a group from The Pride o` Them A`, 1951 Lanimers; sponsor Miss Net Donald, Marchbank, Wellgatehead. LIne up, Marilym Henderson, Sandra Nelson, Margaret Wilson, MOira ......more


Highland Cattle, Douglas Castle This is an unusual card for Archibald Brown in that it shows a herd of Highland Cattle. It is unusual as Charles Reid of Wishaw was the person who normally did the animal photographs.


Gardens, Castlebank Park, Lanark This is a nice 1970`s view of Castlebank Gardens in the 1970`s. At this time Castlebank which had been run by Lanark Town Council was transferred over to Strathclyde ......more


Stonebyres Falls, near Lanark The peculiar thing about this card of the Stonebyres Fall is that it is colourized an unusual feature for one of Brown`s cards. This particular card was posted to Edinburgh on August 13th 1904.


Bonnington, Falls of Clyde, Lanark This card of Bonnington is interesting in that Brown has actually included a man sat on the rocks. It must have been very dry to get this particular shot.


The Clyde at Dublin, Kirkfieldbank This is a nice card of Dublin, Kirkfieldbank. It was posted to various people at Joppa near Edinburgh. Was this a hospital facility as a doctor is included in the ......more


Reapers Homeward Bound This is a pre World War I picture of a reaper drawn by two Clydesdales. It was probably taken by Charles Reid of Wishaw. Also of note is the corn which has been drawn up into stouks.


Sheep in a Glen This is an interesting card in the Brown series of a flock of sheep at Monksfoot Glen near Douglas. The author of the card tells Miss Johnston that she can not see her as she is expecting ......more


Carluke E.U. Church and Town Hall This is a card showing the E.U. Church and the Town Hall in Carluke. Apart from these buildings, the thatched cottage is of interest. It probably dates back to at ......more


Stonebyres House, Lesmahagow This card of Stonebyres House was sent on August2nd 1905 by a J. Gibson. He sent the card to Miss Johnston of Westown, Pettinain. Stonebyres was built in the Baronial style ......more

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