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This is another Scott card, this time it is of Old Margaret. Her real name was Margaret Hislop. She worked as a general cleaner particularly of the stables. The photo is alleged to have been taken ......more


Humorous Card, Our Local Express at Leadhills This is a humorous card making fun of the rather idiosyncratic narrow gauge railway to Leadhills. It was posted in 1922.


The Model Husband - when the Wife is not looking! This is a funny card sent from Leadhills. It was quite a daring card for 1905. Geordie who wrote the card said that the weather was miserable. He ......more


Curfew Bell and Hotel, Leadhills This is the curfew bell in Leadhills, which has been the centre of many activities in Leadhills. I believe that it is rung to see the New Year in. Not sure whether ......more


Hopetoun Arms Hotel & Main Street, Leadhills This is another coloured card in the Scott`s series. It was printed in Germany therefore it is pre World War I. Scott lived near the Hopetoun Arms and ......more


Backrow, Leadhills. Highest Inhabited Village in Scotland This card is one of the W. H. Scott series of cards of Leadhills dating back to the early 1900`s. This is a view of Backrow, Leadhills. It ......more


Symington Place, Leadhills This is a nice view of Symington Place, Leadhills called after the famous engineer William Symington. He was a native of Leadhills and was apparently born in the two storeyed ......more


The Church, Leadhills This is a view of the Church of Scotland Church that was the main church in the village from 1937. However it was originally built for members of the Free Church in 1883. The ......more


Mansion House, Leadhills This is the Mansion House better known now as the Mine Manager`s House. It was associated with the famous James Stirling. The house was designed for the Hopetoun`s to use ......more


Viaduct on Light Railway, Leadhills The Leadhills railway was a light railway and had a different gauge to the main line. The viaduct was a very impressive bit of engineering. It was one of the first ......more


Co-operative Store and Staff, Leadhills This is a view of the Leadhills Co-operative Store. In the 1900`s, villages like Leadhills had shops, banks, a Post Office and a couple of churches. It was ......more


On the Way to Leadhills This card showing the train going from Elvanfoot to Leadhills is going past a fisherman. It is part of the Brown series of Leadhills. The writer of the card is telling her ......more


Railway Station, Leadhills This is a Caledonian steam engine at Leadhills Station. This was a passenger train and it was the passenger service that outlived the transport of minerals. The line was ......more


Townfoot, Leadhills This view was taken by Brown`s of Lanark prior to 1903. Townfoot in Leadhills shows that many of the houses by the early twentieth century were slated. There seems to be some tidying ......more


Wanlockhead from the East This is a picture of neighbouring Wanlockhead. Wanlockhead is in Dumfriesshire and formed part of the Buccleuch Estate. It is interesting to see how many thatched cottages ......more


Reflections Though steam ploughs were introduced in the Victorian period, the majority of farmers used horses for ploughing. It was not until after W.W.I. that tractors became widely used. Unfortunately ......more

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