Gallery of Pictures


Carting home the Corn This is probably another Reid card though it is not attributed to C.R. Reid of Wishaw. It could have been taken by another photographer. However like the other photograph, it ......more


Westport, Lanark This postcard was produced as part of Davidson`s Silver Tone Collection. Anybody know anything about this series? The card itself was posted from Lanark on 12th August, 1922 when the ......more


The Leisure Hour, Garrion Tower, on the Clyde This is a nice view of cattle enjoying themselves near the Clyde. In the background is Garrion Tower, which had at one time connections with the Bishops ......more


Cutting the Corn This shows the process of cutting the corn with a number of pieces of machinery for cutting the corn and then dragging it away to be put on a cart. Like one of the other pictures it ......more


Bonnington, Falls of Clyde, Lanark This is an interesting view of the falls of Bonnington. Notice that three separate falls are shown in this picture.


Corn Hill, Coulter This is a view of Corn Hill house near Coulter. Surprisingly enough it is called Cornhill Castle now - an interesting name. Examination of the surrounding area shows that the Romans ......more


The Meeting of the Waters, Coalburn c.1193 Here is a card of the Coalburn area. It is called The Meeting of the Waters. I imagine that this was where the Coalburn and Poneil waters meet.


The Poneil Burn, Coalburn C.1195 The Poneil water is mentioned in documents as early as the late 12th century. It was in this period that the Flemish and Anglo Norman settlers began to arrive in the ......more


Bellfield Road, Coalburn This is one of the more inspiring Council Housing projects of the 1930`s. These timber houses were erected by Lanarkshire County Council just before World War II in 1939. It ......more


This ancient timetable shows trains stopping at all locations. Note that it could take 5 hours to travel between Glasgow and Carlisle. However this was in the early days of train travel c. 1860-1870.


This is rather an entertaining card sent presumably from Tayport near Dundee. The card is from that area. It was sent to Mrs Rogerson, Stewart Street in Carluke. It states that Agnes will arrive at Carluke at 5.05pm coming via Carstairs.


Townhead Falls, Douglas This is a picture of the Townhead Falls at Douglas. Several weeks ago I had a picture with some sheep on it and it rather reminds me of that picture. Basically I do not know ......more


Lamington House 1904 This nice view of Lamington House was sent in 1904 to Miss Ritchie in Ballater. The writer apologises as he could not get one of the church. Even in the early 1900`s there were ......more


On The Hill A nice card showing the spaces between the trees in an orchard being cultivated. Any ideas as to why this was done? It seems that grains are being scattered, so it definitely is not potatoes.


Loch and Golf Course, Lanark This card was addressed to Alec Lamb at Crookboat near Sandilands. Alec Lamb was a well known local farmer. The Lambs farmed at Crookboat for about 150 years. The card ......more


This is a photograph of Derek Gow taken in December 1983. I actually taught Derek and his brother. From an early age Derek was an expert regarding rare sheep. Derek went on to reintroduce beavers down ......more

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