Gallery of Pictures


How many of you remember the Cross Café and the Porcelli family . The cafe was at the front and at the back was Jo`s mum - the granny dealing with the Fish and Chips. This photo was taken when Prego`s ......more


Heritage issues Recently there was a letter in the Gazette querying the expenses incurred in the creation of a few car parking spaces by demolishing 43 High Street. I agree with the sentiments expressed ......more


This picture was taken in the 1980`s when a new sewage pipe was taken across the Delves Park. The Lanark and District Archaeological Society investigated the line taken by the pipeline across to Whampherflat. ......more


This is a picture taken of 2nd World War recruits. Unfortunately we do not have any information about this picture. It was one of these pictures that has lain in our archives for years. Any help would be of use.


High Street, Lanark This is a picture of Lanark High Street in the early 1960`s. It shows good detail of some of the shops including David Neil, Clothier, Thomas Rogers and Blackhall. The great tragedy ......more


This is a nice view of St Mary`s, St Mary`s Club rooms and Ross`s garage. Alas the Clubrooms are history, had some great nights in there. The best was Ron Harris`s homage to Scotland`s worst poet McGonagall.


37 Broomgate, Lanark This is a view of 37 Broomgate, Lanark which looks fairly derelict in this photo. This property is just up the road from the pink building with the crow stepped gable. This building ......more


Jerviswood House This is a picture of Jerviswood House before it was done up by John Aitken. He made an excellent job of restoring this fine 17th century building. Now the building is covered in harling, ......more


This is a picture of a primary school class. This picture I believe belongs to Tom Hislop. It was certainly next to a group of pictures given by Tom to the Museum. Anyway Tom may be able to confirm ......more


This is a picture of a group of nurses and doctors at the old Lockhart Hospital which in later life became the William Smellie. The current Lockhart was originally a fever hospital.


Lanarkshire Yeomanry This picture which I have shown before shows the scattering of Lanarkshire Yeomanry after one of their annual camps. This picture is thought to have been taken in the late 19th century. ......more


Royal Burgh of Lanark Ball Does anybody remember the Royal Burgh of Lanark Ball of 29th June 1953? or does anybody have information about it. Here is the invitation envelope plus the actual details of the ball itself.


This picture and text was sent to us courtesy of Mike Williams. Thank you for sending it to us. Was having difficulties adding this to your site. Am clearing mum’s place in Biggar. The family had ......more


Susan II, Lanimer Queen 1956. This is a Lanimer card of Susan Hamilton from Lanark Grammar School in 1956. She was crowned by Mrs W.D. Campbell and the Lord Cornet was James Brown. Anybody know anything about these people?


The Lindsay Institute, Lanark This is a view of the Lindsay Institute in Hope Street, Lanark. This building is still the property of the Lindsay Trust from whom South Lanarkshire Leisure Services rent ......more


Sketch of Carnwath Church This view of the Old Church at Carnwath is of interest as the total rebuild of St Mary`s is supposed to have taken place in 1798. Dating this view to 1800 creates problem. ......more

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