Gallery of Pictures


This picture sows the Polish Army on parade at Douglas. This is probably at the time of the visit by the Duke of Kent late 1940.


This picture sows the Polish Army on parade at Douglas. This is probably at the time of the visit by the Duke of Kent late 1940.


This picture shows an impromptu concert being played for the members of the Polish Army camped at Crawford. Their camp was near Crawford Castle.


This picture was taken of the Polish Army on parade at Douglas. According to the information with the photograph behind Sikorski is Lt Chlapowski son of the Polish Ambassador to France, who was murdered ......more


Polish Troops parade through Biggar 1940 This is a picture of the parade of the Polish Troops through Biggar in August 1940. The parade was reviewed by General Sikorski. Sikorski died in what some ......more


Eastend House The Polish Army in Scotland for a short while had their headquarters at Eastend House near Carmichael. This happened in July 1940. The Polish Army at this time consisted of about 4,600 ......more


"J" Squadron This is a photograph of J Squadron of the Lanarkshire Yeomanry in 1915. Sir William Younger was a former soldier serving with the 16th Lancers from 1884 -1888. After that time he was a ......more


Spitfire This is the type of Spitfire flown by Peter Gram. I remember this Polish gentleman who was trying to set up some sort of political party in Lanark. Cannot remember much about this. This ......more


"K" Squadron K Squadron was also employed for home defence. Do not know anything about Sir Frances Burdett but presume that he was like Sir William Younger, an aristocrat with some military experience.


This is a rather touching card of a member of the Lanarkshire Yeomanry and his daughter. It is typical of the cards that some soldiers had before they went off to the front. They took these photos to remind themselves of their dear ones.


This is a picture of three Scottish soldiers taken by the Germans in the prison camp of Friedrichsfeld. This camp was sixty miles north of Cologne. It was considered one of the better camps and had plenty ......more


This is a rather interesting card of a war memorial in 1921 at Symington. Apparently Chrissie`s Uncle was there. Unfortunately we do not know the surname of Chrissie.


Here are two views of the Kirkfieldbank War Memorial. One of them shows the dedication of it and the other shows the wreaths laid after dedication.


Lanarkshire Yeomanry World War II The Lanarkshire Yeomanry changed beyond all recognition during World War II . The big difference was that its members were no longer part of a cavalry unit; this happened ......more


Donald Cameron Lieutenant Donald Cameron V.C. came from Carluke and was one of three V.C.`s from Carluke. He is remembered for a daring attack made on the German battleship Tirpitz at Kafjord in Norway. ......more


John Cairncross John Cairncross who became an intelligence officer and spy was born in Lesmahagow in 1913. He was a brilliant scholar. He went from Lesmahagow to Hamilton Grammar. He went to Glasgow ......more

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