Gallery of Pictures


Military Convoy This is a picture of a military convoy in Ethiopia. Colonel Sandy Cranstoun of Corehouse was involved in the occupation of Ethiopia in 1941. Peter Whyman joined the Embassy staff in ......more


One of the things that Peter enjoyed was wandering around Ethiopia, He liked observing the local people and was a frequent visitor to the market in Addis Ababa. He also went into the countryside to observe ......more


Lanark at War Found this amongst some old photos that had been stored in a hard drive in a redundant server. I think this must have been taken either at the Copper Mines in Taiwan or near the Death ......more


Lanark at War I would reckon that this would be a group of Home Guard Personnel. In World War II miners were exempt from war service and of course farmers would be as well. Further information on this photo would be useful


Lanark at War These gentlemen look like recruits for the Home Guard perhaps in 1940. The previous photo of the Home Guard was probably taken in 1941 when better equipment was available.


Major Batey Major Batey was one of the prominent casualties in 156th Battery during the push for Rome. Indeed the book about 156th Battery is dedicated to him. He died on 25th May 1944 near La Fossa during the battle for Rome.


This is a picture of the young Peter Whyman. Many people will remember Peter Whyman from the early days of New Lanark. Peter and his wife bought and did up one of the houses in New Lanark. Peter came ......more


One of the things that gave Peter Whyman the greatest pleasure when he was in Addis Ababa was his Italian bike - a Motor Guzzi. Two things that Peter liked about the Italian occupation of Ethiopia was ......more


Middle East Map The map shows the journey that 156th Battery made from Iran to Egypt. There the Battery went into training and many of the men hoped to sample the red light district in Cairo. However ......more


Merje Square, Damascus The Gunners moved from Egypt to Syria. British forces occupied Syria to deny it to the Vichy French who were allies of the Germans. The Gunners enjoyed Damascus and thought ......more


Half of the 155th Lanarkshire Yeomanry battery ended up working on the death railway. This included the notorious bridge of the river Kwai and the hellfire pass. This article is about Tom Hannah who ......more


This plaque was unveiled on 30th May 2002. The event was organised at the time by Councillor McAlpine.


This is a picture of the decorations being given to the Poles who played an important part in the Narvik operation on July 21st 1940. Narvik was an attempt by British and Allied forces to drive the Germans ......more


The winter of 1942/1943 saw the 156th in Iran. The picture shows Mount Demavand, which is North of Tehran, The 156th was moved there in case the Germans broke through the Caucasus`s into Armenia and ......more


The 4.5 Howitzer, Lesmahagow This is a picture of 4.5 inch Howitzer which for the Lanarkshire Yeomanry replaced their horses. The horses were demobbed as it were on Lanark Race Course in 1940. This photo was taken at Lesmahagow


This picture was taken of the Polish Army on parade at Douglas. According to the information with the photograph behind Sikorski is Lt Chlapowski son of the Polish Ambassador to France, who was murdered ......more

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