Gallery of Pictures


Here is a post war float showing Miss Universe on Martin`s lorry. Any information on Martin`s lorry or the date. I think the date is c.1950. The boy with the bow tie & cigar is I imagine Winston Churchill ......more


This is a picture of the Flags of the Homeland. Great emphasis on Naval Flags. Suggested date 1919/1920. A tribute to those who fought. The information on the back of the card refers to Madge who is holding ......more


Lanimer Court These are a couple of photos of the Lanimer Court of either Janina McLintock or Elizabeth Frood in 1960. I am not sure, please could somebody tell me? Comment by Molly Cumming: This is ......more


Lanimer float I presume this is a float of a Lanimer procession in the late 50`s early 60`s. It shows a cousin of Trish Rucklidge. She was Elspeth Paterson (later Kemp). She is in the white outfit. Comment ......more


Alice In Wonderland - Lanimers The Alice in wonderland picture is possibly the same date as the previous photo. Comment by Molly Cumming: This is an entry from 1947, by Mrs Stewart, Stickhill and Mrs ......more


Lanimer Float, Garden of Dreams This photo is of a Lanimer float of the early 1950`s. It is called a garden of dreams. More information would be appreciated. Comment by Molly Cumming: 1952 Lanimer entry by Doris Dunlop, later Mrs Doris Peacock.


Lanimer Procession This is a Brown picture of the Lanimer Procession coming up Bannatyne Street, Lanark. Again it is late 50`s early 60`s information is required Comment by Molly Cumming: This is `Royal ......more


This photo dates to just after the erection of the Jubilee fountain which would make it about 1890. Also the public toilets are in evidence here. The primary school children seem to be getting a tour around ......more


This was probably taken somewhere around 1880 . It is a very good view of the Tolbooth which is described in this picture as a printing office. The old gas lamps are of interest. There was no public toilet ......more


This is a really old photograph probably about 1870. Notice there is no Jubilee Fountain . The buildings are interesting. Notice the one near the Tolbooth with a thatched roof. This building does date ......more


Just decided to put a few pictures on from some old files that I discovered . Here is Stephen`s garage in Biggar before it shut down. This site is now Biggar Museum


This is an old petrol pump at Altson`s yard in Lanark . It does not look in good condition


This is an old view of the Ladyacre garage, Lanark as it was about 15 years ago.


This is a view of the Townhead Garage in Douglas about fifteen years ago. The owner at that time was into restoring old cars and I think this s a Ford which is being done up. However there are those who ......more


Nice view of the High Street with a new and welcome innovation a Gent`s urinal . This must date to before 1887 as the fountain is not in existence at this point in time . Our Victorian ancestors were quite ......more


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