Gallery of Pictures


Bannatyne Street, Lanark This is a tartan card produced by the Milton Card Company. This type of card was fairly popular in the early 20th century. It was sent by J. Johnstone of Caldwellside, Lanark. ......more


Hope Street, Lanark This is an unusual view of Hope Street which includes both the County Building and number 18. I had always wondered why there was a stone at the corner of the North Vennel and now ......more


Bloomgate Street, Lanark This is another in the tartan series of cards showing Greyfriars church with the Y.M.C.A. beyond. The Y.M.C.A. was a relatively new building in those days. This card was sent ......more


Station Square, Lanark This is a card which was made by Valentines of Dundee, but the picture was taken by James Young of 103/105 High Street, Lanark. There were photographers called Young in Bannatyne ......more


Castledykes Please note Castledykes is not accessible as it is part of a working farm. There is very little to see. Also as it is an Ancient Monument, it is a protected site, so there is no metal ......more


This week we are going to be looking at he Roman Fort at Castledykes which was the most important fort in the central belt of Scotland. It lay on the route East to West and North to South. It was quite ......more



When the Romans arrived in Scotland in A.D. 79, they came across various Celtic tribes rather than one nation. They referred to them as a whole as the Caledonians rather than Picts. The name Picts comes ......more


Iron Age House This is a view of a reconstruction of a typical Iron Age House. The area covered was about the same as a modern bungalow. These houses were quite robust. In the 1980`s there was a storm ......more


This is an aerial view of Castledykes which is reproduced courtesy of the Royal Commission Ancient Monuments Scotland. It shows to the right of the farm , the remains of what is considered to be the marching ......more



High Street, Lanark This card of Lanark High Street was sent from 73 High Street in the early 1900`s. Unfortunately the card had been put in an envelope as there is no stamp. The view is interesting ......more


High Street, Lanark This is a photochrom postcard of Lanark High Street is probably late 1950`s/1960`s. Notice the post war central reservation. There is a story that the chain was purchased by Lanark ......more


Old Time`s Sake - Lanark High Street This card was posted from Lanark on Friday August 5th 1910, the day before the Lanark Aviation week started. Unfortunately there is no reference to the Aviation week ......more


High Street, Lanark This is a 1940`s card which shows the toilets. It must be a sunny day in Lanark as all the shops have their awnings out. The nearest shop is Hislops. Anybody know anything about ......more


Lanark High Street and Cross Here are two pictures, one the original photo taken pre World War I for John Menzies and the other the postcard. However the original photo has much more clear detail such ......more

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