Gallery of Pictures


This was the last part of Douglas Castle to be demolished. This was the Episcopalian chapel. The Douglas Homes were staunch supporters of the Episcopalian Church from the 17th century and were not minded ......more


Sun Inn, Douglas This shot was taken of the proprietor of the Sun Inn in Douglas on 19/6./1939. The Sun Inn is first mentioned in 1618 and it figured a great deal in the story of the Covenanters. ......more


View of Braxfield House, Lanark This is a view of Braxfield House as it looked pre World War II. This picture is out of Podmore`s book on Robert Owen. The reason that I have put this picture on is ......more


This picture and text was sent to us courtesy of Mike Williams. Thank you for sending it to us. Was having difficulties adding this to your site. Am clearing mum’s place in Biggar. The family had ......more


Romantic Card This is a nice romantic card sent to Phimia from Tarbrax on March 18th 1914. It was sent by a young man called James. I often wonder what happened to this young man in 1914.


Lanark Railway Station This is a nice picture of Lanark Station perhaps post World War II with the Royal Oak behind it.


Bellfield, Lanark The other day I put on a number of views of Bellfield Hospital. When this card was made as part of the Brown`s series of views, it was still in private ownership. This was posted in 1904.


I just found this card of the young men of Tarbrax going off to war perhaps James is in this bunch of young men. We put a card on earlier relating to James (Romantic Card), so we thought you might like this picture.


This is Valentine`s card of Milton Toll Lesmahagow. I think that it dates to the 1940s/ 50s. Nice view of the Toll house, the single storey building on the right. The introduction of the railways led ......more


This is a nice card of the Jubilee Fountain and Corn Exchange dating to 1905. It was posted on August 13th 1905. The Jubilee fountain survived World War II but it was destroyed by Biggar Town Council ......more


This is a nice clean example of a Brown`s series card of Station Road, Biggar dating back to the early 1900`s. It is a good view of the 19th/20th century villas stretching up to what was Brunton`s grocers.


This is a nice coloured photograph of Station Road, Biggar. No manufacturer is shown of the card but it is early 20th century. It shows that Station Road was not full of houses as it is today. I think ......more


Here are a couple of interesting items from Greenshield` Annals of Lesmahagow. First is the bell which is thought to date to the 7th century A.D. It is a preaching bell and would have been used by holy ......more


This is an actual photograph taken of one of Bertram Dickson`s flight at Lanark being watched by the judges. Bertram Dickson was the only serving army officer flying at Lanark. He was a friend of Lionel ......more


This is an early post World War II aerial photograph of Castlebank Park Lanark before it was acquired by Lanark Town Council. At the time it was the property of the Houldsworth family.


This is a nice view of the Kirkfieldbank bridge in winter. This is the oldest bridge near Lanark apart from the so called Roman Bridge. This bridge was open for business in 1699 in the reign of William ......more

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