Gallery of Pictures


This is a view of Snar and the farm which i remember as being connected with the Dixon family. Mrs Nixon was connected with the Crawfordjohn Museum and its library. In the foreground is the remains of ......more


This is a 17th century bell made in Holland for the old Crawford Parish church . This church once stood in the piece of ground opposite the old Posthorn Hotel was moved when the railway was built. The ......more


This is a picture taken of the Delves park in Lanark back in the 1970`s when the area was not affected by housing developments. One can easily imagine William Wallace escaping with Marion Braidfute from ......more


This is a picture of the New Lanark Pipe Band. Would anybody like to comment on the date that this photograph was taken and give us some information about the people .


This a typical 14th century bronze ewer/ jug which was illustrated in the book ` Biggar and the House of Fleming` by W.Hunter 1867.It was found near Southside Farm Coulter. Not far away from where it ......more


Covington These are a couple of interesting photographs which Tam Ward did when he dug at Covington Castle. Not only did Tam dig at the Castle but he worked on the restoration of the doocot. He spent ......more


New Lanark This article is interesting in that it shows New Lanark on 14/3/1974. It shows some of the challenge that awaited Jim Arnold when he was appointed as manager. It was through the efforts ......more


Bells of St Nicholas Parish Church This is a picture that I have discovered in the archive relating to the bells of St Nicholas Parish Church. This shows the large bell being put back into position on ......more


Dance Ticket This is a blast from the past almost 75 years ago. I wonder if there is anybody alive who remembers the dances in the Memorial Hall organized by the Lanarkshire Services League especially this one on Thursday 14th March, 1946.


James Ramsay, Carluke Here is a picture taken outside James Ramsay`s in Carluke probably about 1900. Like today Ramsay`s was known as being an excellent ham curer. This tradition is still preserved ......more


This is a picture of William Russell`s house. The next pictures will tell the story of William Russell.



William Russell The other day we put up a picture of the Russell`s Fruit Merchant Vehicle. Amazingly I came across an archive of material relating to the family, which was donated to us. Unfortunately ......more


Birkfield Farm, Boghall Road, Carluke Birkfield Farm is in Boghall Road, Carluke. It is a list B structure as there exists a thatched roof under the asbestos covering. In the photo here the original ......more


Lanimer Queen & Maids 1923 This is a card of Lanimer Queen Christina McMillan in 1923 from Kirkfieldbank Primary School who was crowned by Mrs D. Adams. William Shaw was Cornet that year.


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