Gallery of Pictures


Stonebyres This is a good engraving of Stonebyres done in the early 19th century. This view is no longer possible given the changes that were made as a result of the creation of the power station in ......more


Old Coalburn This is a nice card of Old Coalburn. Presumably this was the original settlement of miners before the majority of the mines opened up in the area. Mining had gone on for about a hundred ......more


Marguerite Garden was one of the first people that I met in Lanark because of her involvement in Corehouse reserve. After I got to know her, I heard in some detail about her role in the French Resistance ......more


Wellington Terrace, Lanark This is a card of Wellington Terrace, Lanark. Presumably these houses were built c.1890/1900. The card itself dates to 1908. It is one of the more unusual cards to be produced ......more


This picture is to do with Harpendon Prison of War Camp near Douglas. This was the largest prison camp in Clydesdale. As time went on, prisoners were sent to the Thankerton Prison Camp after the Italian ......more


This week we are starting with last weeks story in the Gazette about Covington Mill and the story of Donald Cargill`s capture and execution. Then I will finish the slides which were part of the lecture ......more


These views are of the Greyfriars excavation next to the Clydesdale Inn, Lanark. The Greyfriars were founded by Robert the Bruce in 1329, the year before he died. In the photo is the west wall of the ......more


This is a view inside 40 Bloomgate, Lanark. The Archaeological Society worked inside this building in the early 1980`s. Members found various things including a Beggar`s badge of the 18th century. The ......more


This is a picture of Auchenheath House from the Annals of Lesmahagow published by Greenshields. His book was published c.1865. This shows the work done for William Ferguson prior to the alterations made ......more


Here is a picture of the Gardener`s gate which used to be at Douglas Castle. It was a very fine example of the work of the local blacksmith. The gate was removed by the Hume family to the Hirsel.


The "Poet" Rosebank, Lanarkshire This is a card of Rosebank which was developed by the Hoziers of Mauldslie. In particular they were responsible for the building of the Popinjay. This card was produced ......more


This slide shows a B.T. communications bunker designed for use in a Nuclear War. They can be identified by this particular design. B.T. personnel were to report to these during a lead up to the war. ......more


This is a picture of Lanark c.1870-1880. It was taken before the Jubilee Fountain was erected in 1887. I am not p[putting much more comment on as it was on the site fairly recently.


This is another early view of Lanark c.1905. It is interesting to compare this view with the previous view of the church and Tolbooth. Again this was featured not so long ago on the site.


Here are two views of the work undertaken in St Nicholas, Lanark by the Lanark and District Archaeological Society and GUARD (Glasgow University Archaeological team). The stone work was found by GUARD ......more


Here are three photos of the Clydesdale Inn in Lanark. The front part being constructed c.1790. The bay windows were probably put in the 19th century. The glass in the two bay windows is largely original ......more

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