Gallery of Pictures


Royal Marines Band Lanimers 1973 The Royal Marines band was a regular feature at the Lanimers. Now it is too expensive to have this type of band.


Lanark Aviation Float, Lanimers 1973 Here is one of the floats, a subject dear to my heart, the Lanark Aviation Meeting of August 1910 which was the third International Airshow in World History.


Lanimer Float, 1973 I am not sure about this part of the 1973 Lanimers, but I am sure somebody can tell us about it.


Noon-day Rest This is a good example of Charles Reid of Wishaw`s work showing Long Horn Cattle. You do not see very many of them today, so this is quite an interesting photograph.


Douglas Castle This was the last part of Douglas Castle to be built in the latter part of the 19th century. It contained an Episcopalian Chapel. Elements of the Chapel including some stained glass ......more


Lanark Station This picture shows some of the staff at Lanark Station. In those days Lanark Station had better facilities than today. There was a newsagent, waiting rooms and most important of all toilets. ......more


Corehouse Lodge This is a picture taken c.1900/1910 of the Lodge at the entrance to the Corehouse Estate. It would have been built c.1850, when the present house at Corehouse was built for the Cranstouns. ......more


A nice view about 1910 of Abbey Green, Lesmahagow. Actually should be Priory Green but that is another matter! It is obviously washing day. In the picture one can see the old way of drying clothes.


Jerviswood House This is a picture of Jerviswood House near Lanark. Picture was taken about 1900-1910. Interesting to see the stones propped up near the doorway to the old tower which stood adjacent ......more


Meiklejohn`s, Lanark This is a view of Meiklejohn`s in the early part of the 20th century/ Meiklejohn`s was founded about 1820 - two hundred years ago. It was built on top of the old Medieval cemetery ......more


Archibald`s Sweet Shop This is a view of Archibald`s Sweetie Shop in the High Street. Archibald`s factory was called the Battleaxe Sweet Company. It was in Wishaw and rose to prominence in the early ......more


Baxter`s Garage, Lanark This is a picture of Baxter`s Garage which was identified as being near the South Vennel. There were quite a number of small garages at one time in Lanark as well as bike/motor bike shops.


This is a nice view of a Lanimer Queen at the Cross with her court. I think the date will be about 1910. Anybody any ideas here?


Bonnington Laundry This is a view possibly of the Bonnington Laundry at work. Readers will remember that I put an advert for the Bonnington Laundry last week.


Bonnington Hotel, Lanark This is a nice view of the Bonnington Hotel, one of the main hotels that used to be in Lanark for the visitors and tourists. Now there are no hotels in Lanark. Maybe one day we will see hotel accommodation in Lanark.


Caledonian Hotel, Lanark Caledonian Hotel, its name obviously connected with the railway company. Maybe it was owned by them at one time. I remember the Caledonian when I came to Lanark in 1973. Had ......more

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