Gallery of Pictures


Lanark Station Following on from last week’s article about Lesmahagow, I thought that it would be important to do a piece about Lanark Station. Lanark was at one time a very important railway hub ......more


Miner This picture I believe was taken down a mine in the Hamilton area. Here the working conditions did not appear too bad. However all the miners were affected by the dust which clogged up their lungs. ......more


Miners of Great Britain Life in 1919 at the time of the last pandemic was not exactly `a bowl of cherries` indeed for most people, it was pretty grim. Poverty stalked the land and no where was this a ......more


Steam Launch, The Lake, Lanark Here is a picture of the steam launch that once went on Lanark Loch, though up to 1914 the Loch was called the Lake. The launch was popular but it was prone to mechanical ......more


Stonebyres Power Station I am very indebted to my good friend Sammy Robertson for these items that relate to the construction of the power stations on the Clyde at Stonebyres and Bonnington. Currently ......more


Group of Workers taking a break This is a picture of the band of workers who were employed to construct the power station at Stonebyres.


Carnwath This is a nice view of Carnwath, which was commissioned by James Jackson, the stationer. It was sent believe it or not at 10pm on August 21st 1911 from Carnwath. It was sent to Miss Fagnan ......more


The Water Brig, Douglas Water I think that this picture shows the bridge at Douglas Water that existed prior to the Bailey Bridge. This is the bridge that SLC is currently rebuilding.


Clyde at Coulter This is a view of the Coulter bridge from the railway bridge. The railway went parallel to the bridge. The line was that of Symington to Peebles via Biggar. The bridge in the picture ......more


Crawford Castle This is a view of Crawford Castle out of Volume III of Irving and Murray`s History of the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire. This volume is a sort of catch up volume of Irving and Murray. Not ......more


Lesmahagow This is a Valentine of Dundee card of the 1940`s/1950`s of Lesmahagow. It is interesting as it shows two railway viaducts. The Craighead Viaduct was built fairly late on as the viaduct was ......more


Corehouse Lodge This is a picture taken c.1900/1910 of the Lodge at the entrance to the Corehouse Estate. It would have been built c.1850, when the present house at Corehouse was built for the Cranstouns. ......more


This week`s first article is about Quothquan Law. I hope that everybody finds it interesting. Clydesdale has a very rich history beginning way back in the Upper Paleolithic 16,000 years ago with hunters ......more


James Alexander Lord Cornet 1973 I have decided to put on a few pictures that we have in our archive relating to the Lanimers of 1973. There is more to be seen in the gallery of our website - Clydesdale`s ......more


Ruth Cairns Lanimer Queen 1973 This slide is of the Lanimer Queen for 1973 Ruth Cairns, who was crowned by Mrs Charles Kelly. Ruth was a pupil at Lanark Primary. If anybody has more information about ......more


Eddie Murphy, Town Officer 1973 This slide is of the Town Office Eddie Murphy complete with his halberd. 1973 was the last year that Lanark had a Provost. That honour went to Harry Smith, a very worthy ......more

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