Gallery of Pictures


Douglas Water and Rigside Gala Court 1982 Here is a picture of Douglas Water and Rigside Gala Queen Kara Brown and her Courtiers of 1982. Again please let us know if you know anyone in this photo.


Queen Elizabeth, Douglas Water Gala Day 1968 This is a picture of Queen Elizabeth Ramage and her Courtiers of Douglas Water Gala Day 1968. Again if anyone knows anybody in this photo, please let us know.


Queen Katherine & Attendants, Douglas Water Gala Day 1961 This is a picture of Douglas Water Gala Queen Katherine Greenshields and her Courtiers of 1961. If anyone knows any of the people here, please let us know.


Queen Marjorie and Courtiers 1953 Here we have Queen Marjorie Ramage and her Courtiers of Douglas Water May Day 1953. Again if anyone has any information on these people please let us know


Queen Betty & Maids of Honour 1939 We are putting up a few pictures of Douglas Water and Rigside Gala Queens and her Court. The first one is of Queen Betty Loudon and her Court of 1939. If anyone ......more


This photo shows Douglas Water in the background and some of the goods line in the background. It was a very busy line considering the thousands of tons of coal that were extracted from the Douglas Colliery.


Railway Station at Ponfeigh This is a view of the railway station at Ponfeigh. On the platform beneath Ponfeigh was an explanation that the station was actually for Douglas Water. I think that this ......more


Douglas Colliery, Douglas Water This is a Post World War II picture of Douglas Colliery. This would have been how the mine looked in the last years of operation. Only a few features of the late Victorian ......more


We are delving once more into the story of Douglas Water and Rigside. Thanks to local people who cherish their history and identity much has been preserved so that future generations can understand ......more


This is a gravestone which was inserted into the restored west end of St Kentigern`s in the 1880`s. It is possibly the grave of a priest.


This is a view of the Greyfriars United Free Church in Lanark which stood down the Bloomgate. I think that at one point it became a bakery. My knowledge is somewhat hazy and perhaps somebody could tell ......more


Thought this picture of the south doorway of the ruined church of St Kentigern`s Lanark was worth posting. The doorway is Early Gothic and dates back to about 1180. That would put it in the reign of William ......more


This detail of the south door of St Kentigern`s Lanark shows the skill of the craftsmen of late 12th century Scotland. The design of the carving on the door jamb is very much influenced by the Classical ......more


This is a view of the inside of the nave of St Kentigern. This is the south wall. The inside of the windows was round headed ie the Romanesque Style and outside was the pointed Gothic style. The Gothic ......more


These arches are Gothic but date to about 1400 that is about the time of Robert III of Scotland. This long after the time of William Wallace .


This is a picture of Jeanie , Lanimer Queen in 1912. Her proper name was Jane McCukkoch of New Lanark School. She was crowned by Mrs J. Stewart. The cornet that year was William John Fergus. The card was ......more

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