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The money that David Dale came from was the trade in tobacco, cotton and sugar from the West Indies. He was also responsible for the success of the Royal Bank of Scotland which was an insignificant bank ......more


This is a card done by Brown`s the photographers of New Lanark in the early 1900`s. By then the final additions had been made to the mills. These were made by the Gourock Rope Work Company who took over ......more


This is a picture of David Dale who was the man who started the Mills at New Lanark. He did this on the advice of Richard Arkwright who was responsible for developing the idea of using water to power mills. The ......more


Catherine Shearer, Lanimer Queen in 1947. She attended St Mary`s School and was crowned by Mrs W.Aitken. The Cornet was Robert Hume Senior of Lanark Skinworks.


Sir John Mann Park in Carnwath. In those days the parks were all Council maintained. Play parks and football parks are an important part of community life.


This the Lanimer Queen and her court in 1949. The Queen that year was Mary McKinlay from Kirkfieldbank Primary. She was crowned by Mrs A Ross - County Garages ? The Cornet was Robert Barr. Any information would be welcome.


This is a rather unusual card of Lamington in that it is a snow scene of the area around Lamington House. It was sent to Hanginshaw Farm Carstairs.


This card is an interesting view of the road in Braehead which is a right angles to the Last Shift. Many of the people who lived here worked in the nearby limestone mines though some of them may have worked ......more


This is a nice picture of Braidwood House whose future seems to be in doubt. As can be seen this is a fine 18th century house which has been added to in the mid 19th century. In its day it was a fine property ......more


This is a Brown picture of the Lanimer Queen and her court in 1954. . This is of Queen Isabel Bryson from Kirkfieldbank Primary . She was crowned by Mrs Findlater , mother of Alexander and George Findlater ......more


View of Biggar from the Knock. It seems that the horse is wandering along the lines of some old defenses. The card was posted from Biggar. The writer Marie was helping with the harvesting locally - July ......more


Co-op Douglas Water The article gives the history of the Co-op. The Co-op was an important part of the community. Robert Owen is regarded as the father of the Co-op movement though the Co-op shop ......more


Douglas Water School Class c.1930`s. Any information would be appreciated.


Douglas Water School Class of the 1930`s. Again any information would be welcome.


Douglas Water School Class in the 1920`s. Any information on this picture would be much appreciated.


Douglas Water School Class c.1914. Any information would be appreciated.

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