Gallery of Pictures


This is the second page of the Slaters directory of 1867. This was an important year in British history, it was the time of the Second Reform Bill. Comment by Hello. Need leads for your business? We ......more


This is another picture from the Crossford Exhibition. It was taken of the taking down of a thatched roof of Holm Cottage, Holm Road, Crossford. The detail this photo shows is absolutely amazing. This ......more


Last day I put on a picture of the roof of Holm Cottage being replaced. I think that these people Mr and Mrs Brown were connected with the cottage. If anybody has further information that would be useful. Comment ......more


This is a view of some of the school children from Crossford School. A few of the children might stay on till they were 14 . For a select few there was the possibility of going on to a Grammar School ......more


This was part of the 2015 exhibition done at the old Primary Crossford. I remember using slates when I went to Primary School at East Hardwick School near Pontefract in 1953. Another thing that I remember ......more


This is a picture of Thomson`s tea rooms in Crossford. This place was very popular for tourists going up the Clyde Valley. The date of this photograph is pre 1910.


Anybody information about who painted this picture. It does show the small farms that used to common in the Clyde Valley. Much of the prosperity of these farmers depended on having good crops of fruit ......more


Excuse the appalling photo but hope to get a better copy. The theme here is strawberry picking. Strawberries were the main industry in Crossford before the tomato houses. In the 1920`s a virus decimated ......more


In recent years the growing use of drones has made aerial photography much more affordable . Along with drones there have been other major advances in aerial photography itself with the use of Lidar which ......more


This also comes from the exhibition at the old Crossford Primary School so it is appropriate that we end tonight with a photo of the old school house at Hazelbank. Does anybody have information on this?


Another from Crossford. This shows Mr Binnie , the milkman doing his rounds. The date is probably 1920`s. Does anybody know anything about Mr Binnie ?


This was a very hurried photo that I took in Crossford School before it moved to its new premises. I had hoped to get a decent record of what was a fabulous exhibition . I particularly liked this one of ......more


This is a general view across the Castlegate Car Park to the Broomgate. The old Lanark Grammar with its crow stepped gable facade can be clearly seen . The pink house of the overseer of the Poor House ......more


This is the mechanical institution in Lanark which was built if my memory serves me right in 1821 . It was in 1821 the equivalent of a technical college. Britain desperately needed engineers to take forward ......more


This is a view that I took down the Broomgate Lanark about ten years ago. The pink house was one that the Archaeological Society dug inside before its restoration. The current house was built for the ......more


This is a blast from the past , I think that the photo was taken in the late 1940`s or early 1950`s. Perhaps somebody out there knows the full story of what happened at Ross`s drapers. I remember that ......more

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