Gallery of Pictures


This is a picture of Mrs Lindsay of Eastfield who has featured on our Facebook page previously. I imagine that this was taken c.1890/1900 in what was the original farm at Eastfield. Mrs Lindsay seems ......more


Pettinain from the Smithy This card was posted to Mrs Sprott in Newmains and records something of village life in July 1906. The writer mentions a person called Lizzie looking after rabbits and hens ......more


Pettinain This view of the village which was posted in 1941 from 8 Wheatland Drive in Lanark on 28th August, is also of the road down from Bagmoors to the main road. It shows how much improvement had ......more


Harvest Scene Here is a nice farming picture from Pettinain. It was given to me by Isobel King, who grew up in Pettinain. The date of the card is thought to be no later than 1910. The location is possibly ......more


Pettinain The story of Pettinain goes back to the mists of antiquity. On Bagmoors Farm Mesolithic tools made of chert were found in the 1950’s, these were left by hunters and food gatherers making ......more


This is a blast from the past, it is Auchengray station . It was one of main small stations serving the rural community. Dating back to about the 1860`s , it served the local community for about a hundred ......more


This is a view of Ampherlaw House which is not far from Carnwath. This place became an important residence for the Sommerville family after the Sommerville estates were taken over by the Dalzell family ......more


I have just worked out that this pediment shows a woman playing the lute. For those who know something about 17th century music this would be the era of people such as John Dowland . Lute playing came ......more


Struan Arms, Douglas Water This is an interesting view of the Struan Arms. The photo comes from Memories of Douglas Water by Lizzie Nelson. Anybody know anything about the history of this pub?


Here are some of 156th Battery guarding the border between the British and the Russian Zone about ten miles outside Lubeck. It was while in Germany that this book was written and produced. It is rare ......more


After seven months in the Middle East, 156th Battery were in the thick of it. The photo shows the armoured advance on the Elbe. This was the last major action prior to V.E. Day. After peace had been ......more


Going was incredibly hard and this photo illustrates the problem facing the 156th in the Italian Campaign. The winter rains really slowed down the advance through Italy.


The drawing of the mules shows how difficult transportation was in the Anzio Campaign. This picture of the mules illustrates the point.


It was in Sicily that the Battery saw its first military action. It was here that they came up against the Germans who killed a number of the Battery. It was with some relief that the fighting around ......more


Pit Pony This is a nice item from the Douglas Water Chronicles. It is rare to see a picture of a pit pony.


This is a photo of Queen Elsie and her attendants from Douglas Water Gala Day 1967. Anyone with any information of the people in this picture would be greatly appreciated.

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