Gallery of Pictures


Susan II, Lanimer Queen 1956. This is a Lanimer card of Susan Hamilton from Lanark Grammar School in 1956. She was crowned by Mrs W.D. Campbell and the Lord Cornet was James Brown. Anybody know anything about these people?


The Lindsay Institute, Lanark This is a view of the Lindsay Institute in Hope Street, Lanark. This building is still the property of the Lindsay Trust from whom South Lanarkshire Leisure Services rent ......more


Sketch of Carnwath Church This view of the Old Church at Carnwath is of interest as the total rebuild of St Mary`s is supposed to have taken place in 1798. Dating this view to 1800 creates problem. ......more


I think that this is a sketch by Turner of Carnwath Church. It is similar to one done of Douglas. Quite when Turner was in Carnwath, I am not actually sure. But most people know that Turner visited the Falls of Clyde. Courtesy of HES


Newbigging This is a picture of an engraving from a book on Scottish Market Crosses. This is certainly the type of 15th century cross which I imagine was set up originally at Carnwath. The big question ......more


Town Hall and Cross, Carnwath This picture is post 1962 as it shows the Town Hall. The foundation stone for this was laid in September 1930 by Mr G. Murray, Head Teacher of Carnwath School. At this ......more


Old Smithy, Carnwath This is a view that we have had on before of the Old Smithy which existed in the early 1900`s. If you do a search on Carnwath, you should find the details. Amongst other things made here were wheels for bicycles.


Strathview, Biggar, Birthplace of Dr John Brown This is an early view of the house called Strathview in Biggar which was the birthplace of Dr John Brown. It was produced for J.M. Wilson Stationer in ......more


Strathview, Biggar (Birthplace of Dr John Brown author of Rab and his friends) This postcard was produced some years later of Brown`s birthplace. Notice the dormer windows. It was produced as part of ......more


Comic Card This rather nice Comic card was sent from Greenlaw in Peebleshire (I think this is correct). Do not know the date of this card but think that it is pre World War I. Cards like this were produced ......more


This is a view of Biggar Golf course in the 1950`s. It was published by A.R Edwards of Selkirk. The card was sent by A to Mrs Forrest of 25 Brown Street in Carluke on August 2nd 1955. . Quite a chatty ......more


This is a nice view of Biggar Main street in the 1920`s. The card was produced for Photocrom Ltd of London and Tunbridge Wells. They had the same idea as Valentines to identify their negatives. The number ......more


This card was produced for Mrs Wilson , Stationer by Rapholette postcard company . Never come across this company before. Nice card showing cattle crossing the Biggar Burn. The card was posted in Biggar ......more


This card was made for t. Jackson stationer in Biggar. It is a post World one card which was posted on 2nd June 1928. The sign on the lamp is for the Hall. The car is rather fine, do not know what type ......more


Carnwath Tolbooth Carnwath is a burgh of some antiquity, it became a burgh of Barony in 1451, when James II granted the Sommerville`s permission to set up a market and a cross in Carnwath. The market ......more


Demolition of Carnwath Tolbooth This view taken of the demolition of the Tolbooth in Carnwath in 1929 gives us valuable clues as to its construction. The vaulted basement and the arrangement of the steps ......more

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